Still Here in Idaho

Some Notes from the Field.

I decided to stay in Idaho until this Friday, when I will fly back to Alaska. Too much to do and it is important to get my things in order here. This is really my last shot at staying here in this house and having my old “stuff” around me, so I have to take enough time to get things sorted. That’s what this is all about, sorting things out, physical stuff and emotional stuff, processing it as best we can, and moving on to the next adventure down the line. It is also a time of discovery. There are so many photographs and memories in different forms, all saved and neatly tucked away by my Mom, and now for us three kids to look and wonder or marvel at.

I like this place and would like to stay longer. The people here seem friendlier than Anchorage. My sister from Houston says the same thing about that place. I wish I could stay for a season and see the growing season once again and the sites and photograph and blog about it. Maybe someday I will, I don‘t know.

I miss not being online when I want to, especially evenings and early mornings, that‘s when I normally do most of my writing and editing. I have gotten far behind getting around to my friends and I feel that I am stagnant in that way for now. I hope I can catch back up very soon somehow!

Homesick? No, not really. I talk to Carolyn on the phone less than once a day, we know each other so well we are not really apart. Besides, since I got my work done on the bathroom she is doing hers now, tile on the walls, yeah, go Carolyn!!

Of course I asked about Bonnie and Carolyn said she is fine too. Bonnie escaped to the outside world again when Carolyn opened the door, looked around and decided to come back in. Apparently she has been energetic and is lacking or missing a play time buddy, I wonder why? Carolyn says besides bouncing off the walls and doing sprints around the house, Bonnie has been sneaking up on Carolyn and poking her legs with her claws, then running away! Sure sign that little cat misses you know who J

I have been trying to take some photos in between running errands and going back and forth between Nampa and Boise. I did manage to go on a drive out in the countryside the other night. I got on to a series of back roads I didn’t recognize much, maybe just a little from way back, and I got home after an hour extra driving time with the aid of my gps!

I posted some photos in a new album. It is a challenge doing photos without my computer or software, but hey! Enjoy!

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8 Responses to Still Here in Idaho

  1. Barb says:

    So good to see an update from you.  You\’ve been missed by more then Bonnie. 🙂  (hint….Bonnie needs a kitten playmate for times like these….you want another cat right? lol)
    I\’m glad you were able to extend you stay and spend the time sorting through your history.  There will be lots of time to catch up on Spaces when you\’re back home, that is, if Bonnie will leave you alone!
    Take care and enjoy your time there.
    Barb 🙂

  2. Embrace says:

    Hi Steve,
    Its sounds like you are completing part of your life, and by doing this you and your family can move ahead ,  knowing that it was done your way and I think a good way. Going though and reliving memories is a beautiful thing for most of us. It has its up and downs and could feel like a rollercoaster that is what it was like for me but in the end when all is said and all is done you will be gratefull for everystep and the new memories that you are creating.. at least that is what it was like for me. I have done it now with two parent apart. Hope that you have laughted until it hurt and not hurt until you couldnt stand it.
    Bonnie is a playfull girl and I think she does miss you know who. Glad that she has your family to play with her… until you get home.
    And I bet you miss her too.
    We all miss you here and I will say as Barb has , Spaces will be here when you get back , most of us arent going anywhere.
    Take Care Steve

  3. Embrace says:

    Love the Farmland Photo, glad you could capture that and all the others as well. Nice Album

  4. Tani says:

    It sounds like you are having a good time,even if there is alot of work and emotion behind the experience.Isn\’t it funny how we get the perception that a place is friendlier than home? It\’s the grass greener theory I think.If you lived there and visited Anchorage I suspect you may say the same thing.LOL Have a safe trip home.

  5. elizabeth says:

    hi,  just to let you know i checked in.
    thinking of you, ttys.
    bb hugs. xx

  6. Sarah says:

    It was good to hear how you enjoy going through the stuff your mam \’tucked away\’……I do that for my kids, in hopes that they will someday (hopefully not TOO soon!) enjoy going through it all and laughing while they remember the old days.  And whoever goes into my \’humor\’ file will surely have a great time!  I hope so, anyway.
    Sarah One Beam

  7. Barb says:

    You\’re winging it home today…safe journey!

  8. Hope says:

    Dear Steve,
    well, you should be home by now, no doubt tired from the travel.. it does take a lot out of one.. and you have been through some beautiful past memories cleaning out your mom\’s home.. take time now.. to absorb all that has been going on this past week..
    allow your spirit to rest.. relax and enjoy being home..
    have missed you..
    have a beautiful and relaxing day..

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