Headlong Into Summer

Today is overcast which is welcome. We’ve enjoyed quite a stretch of early season warmth with temperatures up into the high 60’s and sunshine for several days. I have raked the yard, bagged leaves and grass and put them by the street for pick up along with sticks and branches, spread lime to neutralize the soil and watered the lawn and trees once.

I’ve shot a bunch of photos too, and now I can go through them and post a few. Here’s some of what else is going on;

Coping – summer light

Today I awakened to the light of the dawn at 4:30am. Coping with daylight is an interesting proposition. Yes it is good to have light and at least the option of going out and enjoying the sunshine. Today we are right at having 18 hours daylight. Sunrise at 5am sharp and sunset at 11pm. I tend to stay up later on a consistent basis. Keeping a consistent and regular routine is a goal, but when it’s nice it’s nice, worth burning some energy over. So I find myself tending to take care of what I need to, and adding activity to fit my energy level then some, and after some days of that I just have to catch up on rest. I am trying to take inspiration from my little friend Bonnie the Cat. She has an amazing internal time clock. She makes good use of naps, in fact she is a power napper! Of course she has a couple things going for her I don’t. She can see in the dark for one. More important, she has a simple agenda; eat, play, cuddle, sleep, repeat. Still there’s some inspiration to be had here.

Close to Home – my little part of the forest

It’s been very busy as always changing gears to the new season. Right now is the closest thing we have to spring, although I maintain we don’t have a real spring. We go from winter to break up to summer. The last couple days have to be summer. The sun is turning everything green. You can see the difference daily and it is dramatic. So lately I have been close to home mostly.

Fortunately there are benefits to this in addition to getting chores done. There is the beauty of the forest plants right in my yard and the photo ops they provide.

Extending – out on the trail

I am beginning to venture out more on the trails now. Mostly riding my mountain bike and visiting different trails and areas just to get used to the bike again and enjoy some sights. Of course the moose are out and I have encountered two moose in two days. The first one ended when this big moose I thought had moved off came back up on the trail, turned toward me and stood its ground 30 feet away. After a few tense moments the moose decided to take off, thankfully the other way, so I pulled my camera and took a hasty shot. It is very overexposed because I had it in manual mode!

On the trail, happiness is the back end of a moose going the other way!

Besides the excitement there are plenty of things to see and do on the trails.

Carolyn is shown here on the little log bridge accross a creek

A local wetland and the Chugach Mountains

A mountain stream

A red Birch Tree

Wings of Light – heavenly sights

There are plenty of photo ops in the heavens lately.

There have been some good sunsets, and though I don’t hit them all anymore I have caught a couple.

During the last sunset I noticed Venus was out and very close to the moon. It turns out I just happened to catch a great photo op that doesn’t happen that often. I have seen other examples of folks catching this over the last month, so it seems I am playing catch up here.

The moon is a beautiful crescent and I never tire of trying to get a better shot with just the right light.


I found that I had one shot of the moon from Idaho, May 5, that I forgot to post, so here it is too. I was shooting the moon and along came this jet, and…


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9 Responses to Headlong Into Summer

  1. Tani says:

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/aplseed/505229724/ I too captured Venus bright in the sky with the partial moon.The interesting thing is that the position is different in my sky.Sounds like your weather has cooperated with your being available this spring to get all that work done.I don\’t know how well I would adjust to an 18 hr day.But I do love long days in summer when the sun doesn\’t go down till after 9pm.I always feel so much more energetic during that season.

  2. elizabeth says:

    love the mountain stream pic, beautiful.
    also the moon and jet just says it all for me.   isnt there a song… \’fly me to the moon\’   🙂
    s.w. hugs. xxx

  3. Embrace says:

    Hi Steve,
    You have been busy doing alot of work. , and getting on the trails.  Really to have heard and hear that your weather has been so nice.
    Your day light hours will be getting longer and longer that in itself . That in itself is wonder.
    Your photos in this blog are all amazing and it really is hard to pick a fave. I love the red birch tree!!
    I dont think we have many here.
    The mountian range and sky and trees is natures wonder , Great light and wonder ful shot as always. A winner. !!!! I can hear that cystal clear stream in that photo it so vivid and real , that too is beautifull and of course Love your moon shots all of them . A very nice blog !!! Oh and Carolyn looks so tiny on the logs. That to is a great shot.
    You have been having alot of fun 🙂 and speaking of fun you sent Hope over with some snow balls well I told her you will both get it back somehow , pay back is a bit#* , and I love ya both, Your both a riot and so much fun !!!!!!
    Have a great rest if the day and Thanks again for helping me with the first aid yesterday , very much appericated.:)
    Bear Hugs

  4. Embrace says:

    Oh I wrote a blog. 🙂 Sorry for taking up so much room…… no not really hahaha

  5. Sarah says:

    Red Birch–how gorgeous–I will have to look into that one.  We got a little grove of the white ones started in our meadow–love the way the leaves look all shimmering together in the wind, and the \’eyes\’ in the trunk that look out at you when you walk by…..one of my first photos as a youngster was of that Birch eye…..
    Very cool shot of the moon with the plane!  Was that actual size of the moon?
    I WILL get some time to figure up what you taught me about photos on blogs…..soon I hope. 
    Instant Karma–do you recall the song by John Lennon?  "Instant Karma gonna get you…."  And yes, really ALL things are Karmically connected–hence we are all One, I believe.  The Grand Illusion is that we are separate.  There is an analogy I heard once, that our individual lives are like water going over a waterfall, all in tiny individual droplets–then all joining together again at the river below…….all One.
    Sarah One Beam

  6. Cindy says:

    Oh my!  Those are such great pictures!  Especially like the back side of the moose! 
    Sunset at 11:00?  Yikes…as I remember, when we were visitors to Alaska, every place we stayed had very heavy drapes on the windows.  But lots of the time was rainy 🙂 We really appreciated any sunshine that came our way.  Come summer, I always think of our great trips to Alaska.  Hoping to come back sometime.  Cindy

  7. Hope says:

    Hello mr warm person.. who lives in a warm place..
    did I get you into trouble? hope so.. \’sly grin\’
    told Lisa you told me to throw a snow ball at her.. in which of course I did..
    hahaha.. sorry about that.. NOT !!!
    as for your pictures.. they are great.. love the moose.. they are something huh.. never know just what one will do.. there was a lady once.. ( not me ) who was feeding a moose an apple.. the moose went along with it.. ate about 3 of em or so.. when the apples were gone.. the Moose got upset.. and gorged the lady with his antlers.. killed her.. that was up in Wet Yellowstone..
    some thing that some people will do.. don\’t think that is for sure..
    but never the less they are wonderful animals.. one just has to give them the respect  and ROOM they need..
    love the picture of the moon and the jet.. great shot..
    hope your keeping warm.. the snow is about gone today.. thank heavens.. but tis still very cold.. and we are get another storm this time from Canada that is to come in this weekend.. just rain though I think.. or hope anyway.. have had enough of snow..
    take care on those trails.. but then I don\’t have to tell you that..
    soft hugs ~Hope

  8. Cheryl says:

    Great pictures…..I loved the last one with the ariliner headed towards the moon.  It doesn\’t get much bettr than this…Fly me to the moon! 

  9. catamaran says:

    whow…great photos….i loved the last…

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