Saturday Images

With high temperatures of 70 and sunshine we are having a most beautiful end of the week. We were out on the trails yesterday and will go again today. The wild flowers are popping out everywhere and everyday I see more.

The wild roses are starting to bloom, we saw our first one yesterday. Here are a few from the trail…

Wild Rose Waking Up

Shy One

Rose Blossom

This morning I got out in my jungle out back to catch some early light. Here are a few from then, from our place for you…

Early Light


Morning Fern


Our First Rose


This one is me before coffee!


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6 Responses to Saturday Images

  1. Embrace says:

    Hi Steve,
    Your were out early, all your photos are outstanding as always . Nice morning photo of you also.
    Roses arent that far behind ours I think.
    Have a good day and Happy Fathers Day tomorrow.

  2. Embrace says:

    Steve, Thanks for you nice comment in my guest book. Its really nice to be told that, and Im smiling big time. Bear Hugs to you too.

  3. elizabeth says:

    such pretty things in your garden,  and the flowers are nice too !     😉
    hugs, bb.  xxx

  4. Barb says:

    It\’s so hard to believe that, even though we are so far apart geographically, we have the same wild roses.  I can only imagine what the land must have been like before man got involved and started clearing away the heritage plants.  I loved the shadowing in your Early Light photo.  Glad you have sunny and warm days to end your week.  The clouds have just started to move in here again with thunder and rain for all to enjoy.  It could be worse I suppose.  At least it\’s not snow! 😉 
    You look pretty coherent before your morning coffee! 

  5. Sheila says:

    Steve, I thought you lived in Alaska!!! That  first jungle is a "shock".  You have that out back!?! how lovely.  Are these the same ferns that had their leaves all balled up in a fist in earlier pictures.I\’m so glad you put yourself in the picture, it gives the whole thing a better perspective (unless of course your only two feet tall…).  That really is beautiful.  I loved the way you got the shadow of the bud on the leaf (shy one, and aptly named!), nicely done.  All of them are beautiful.It must still be a bit chilly there, with all those layers of clothing.BTW…nice centering! Now, if you know how to write beside the pictures, that would be worth knowing.  Throw me a crumb when you can,Sheila

  6. Hope says:

    Hi Steve,
    you really do have a jungle for a back yard.. its great.. what a delight to be able to see it from your window.. and then to be able to just walk out there and disappear.. amongst the ferns.. they are beautiful.. and so huge.. what a wonderful place to be..
    hope your day is bright warm and very pleasant..
    thank you for the thoughts and the prayers..
    be well..
    soft hugs Hope

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