Cat Training

Training Session in the computer room
Hand and Pencil by Carolyn
Stunt person in the cat suit by Bonnie
Photos by Steve
Up Simba Up !
 IMGP6844 Up Simba Up!
Who’s The Trainer and Who’s The Trainee ?
 IMGP6845 Trainer and Trainee, but Which is Which
Batting Practise
 IMGP6847 Batting Practise
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4 Responses to Cat Training

  1. Barb says:

    I love that first one with the beautiful tummy showing!  Her extra thumbs really show as well.   Great action series of the little sweetie. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Saturday, Steve! 

  2. Embrace says:

     Just stopping to say you have wonderfull images here.

  3. Sheila says:

    When I first saw Bonnie, it looked as though she was conducting an orchestra, she looks like she has the moves of a Maestro.  She must be good natured!
    Have a fun weekend,
    your NC friend

  4. Embrace says:

    Dear Steve,
    Last night I saw a sunet over the water at a lake with every color you can think of , it was brilliant. I couldnt capture it all , there was too much in the way..
    Today I had so much I wanted to do and cant so Im letting myself rest and to reply to your comment of Julieannes right now is totally overwhelming impossible . But Im here , Thank-you.
    L and BH always my dear Friend.

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