This is the third entry in a series;

The first one I posted was May 28 this year using an excerpt from a little book, titled STRENGTH FOR SERVICE TO GOD AND COUNTRY. This was my Dad’s book when he was in the service.

Inside the front cover on the right facing page is the following. It has Presented to and my Dad’s name hand written, and By with the name of a Minister in the same hand writing, the name of a church, which was rubber stamped, and Date July 9, 1943 again in the same hand writing.

The blog I posted May 28, 2007 is titled GOD AND COUNTRY…TWO WORLDS, and is on this space.

The second one I posted September 12 of this year to commemorate September 11 (known now as simply 911).

As with the other entrees, I find this provocative and interestingly timely. I believe it is my duty as an American to remember, and not just that, to be a patriot. To me, being a patriot means giving to the many one’s service, and if required, one’s life. I have tried to do this, as my father before me did. I know many people in and previously in the armed forces, and my hat’s off to them, all of them! The one’s who saw combat, the one’s who served in other ways to support our freedom, from the heroes celebrated, to the women who built the planes that were instrumental in winning WW II, to all the family and friends who have and do serve and sacrifice. Hats off to you!

To all those who have served this great country (and all our allies), and the freedom we enjoy, and yes take for granted, and could loose so damn easily!

As usual, I have done my best to transcribe this work accurately. I hope I did an adequate job of it.

I hope we are heading into a lasting peace, but fear we are into a drunken and stupid time…I know the guns will never stop in this life, but I still wish it.

What do you think?

Now for today’s entry…


Read—John 14:15-31 Armistice Day———————————————–November 11


They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks,–Micah 4:3.

To most men is service the time visualized by Micah seems a long way off. Even the day when the present war will end seems to be endlessly distant. Yet will it come sooner, perhaps, than any of us anticipate. It might be well to be spiritually ready for the let-down that the armistice will bring.

I was in France about eight kilometers behind the front lines when World War I stopped. My brother and I took a walk out into the countryside in the Argonne Forest. We came upon a bonfire about two miles out of town, there being no further need for a blackout. The boys around the fire were singing hymns. The chaplain led in prayer, and then gave a short message telling the soldiers what peace could mean. We left that scene of peace and good fellowship with "Blest be the tie that binds" ringing in our ears.

Back in town, however, the cafes were full; and drunken soldiers were spewed out on the sidewalk. We saw one man with his head cut open—not by an enemy bullet but by a beer bottle in the hands of an inebriated friend. Perhaps the pattern for the twenty-year peace was from the fabric of that celebration.

When peace comes it will be either a prayer-meeting peace or a drunken peace. It will either have in it the elements of good will and understanding of the needs of all people, or be stupid and bestial. The latter will result in a brief armistice; the former may result in a world wherein dwelleth righteousness.


Although now we be men of war, our Father, Thou knowest that we would rather be men of peace. Help us to learn to love one another. Help us to walk in the footsteps of our peace-loving Prince of Peace. In His Name. Amen.

Norman E Nygaard, Chaplain, Lockheed Overseer


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  1. Nae says:

    Hi Steve ~Like you, with so many friends and family who have (and are) served — I appreciate all they have done.I don\’t believe we will have peace in this world — unless it comes — as the Bible suggests to bring in the end of times. I try to trust that we are part of a larger picture — and that the Lord is in complete control.I pray that the Lord watches over and protects you and yours!Nae :o)

  2. Tani says:

    A very wise author. Thanks for posting this.
    I fear we will not see peace in this lifetime. I just hope the next country leaders we end up with will be able to end this recent madness without any big upheavals. It seems we are in with little hopes to back out. Safety is a thing of the past,Our freedom we ovelook is being threatened.
    As alway my hats off to the men and woman that help keep us in the lifestyle we have grown so used to.

  3. Nessa says:

    A very poignant blog Steve – with today being "Remembrance Day" as we call it in the UK.  We show our support and our remembrance with the Red Poppy, orn proudly on our coats and jackets and displayed in cars.  Parades were held today and everyone was asked to observe a 2 minute silence to remember those who died in service and those who still serve.  The 2 minute silence is ended with a bugle playing "The Last Post".  This tune always makes me cry as it was played at my fathers funeral, many years ago when I was 18, but the memory is still strong.  He was in the Navy during the war, as was my mother – I also have 3 brothers somewhere who are in the forces, 2 in the navy and1 in the army.
    But I often wonder how many people really think about what they are remembering, or if they care – especially the youngsters of today.  I was sent an email recently that had some very powerful pictures of US troops with words that made you think – I may well post it as a blog as I think it is worth people seeing.
    I believe worldwide peace can only come when people are willing to change their ways.  There is such hate,  intolerance and lack of respect in the world – such a lack of caring.  More people need to respect others cultures and beliefs and be more tolerant of the differences between us.  We need to start respecting and caring for each other, regardless of our colour or our religion.
    World leaders need to stop seeking power for themselves and start working together to help each other and those in real need.  All the world leaders need to get their priorities right – how can they condone giving hundreds of millions of dollars to South Africa -to build roads and airports – and for what?  Football – the world cup!!  A country who has millions of starving and dying people living in awful conditions – and they are spending many millions of other countries money to improve the roads and airports because the World Cup is being held in their country – I personally think that is awful.  Think how many water wells, how many homes it could build for these poor people, think how much medical care and food it could supply to all those dying children.  And this is only one example of how wrong the world is today.  We have countries at war because they have different religions, we have weapons that can completely anialate a whole country……..when will it stop?
    I do not think it will, not until something devastating happens, something that affects the whole world and makes the people sit up and take notice,  those that are left anyways.  And I believe it will happen, though I do not think it will be in my lifetime.  The signs are all there, but as usual nobody is listening – or not enough people.
    It is time we listened to the wise words of some of the ancient peoples and see how right they have been so far in the worlds history – they have been foretelling that this devastation will happen for centuried………they are so very right when they say "Mitakuye Oyasin" …."We are all related"!
    ****"Ooops"  Nessa realises she is ranting again and steps off her soapbox and tiptoes away!  …………… 

  4. account deleted says:

    Very nice post Steve!
    Sadly there so much evil in the world that I too doubt we will see peace again in our lifetime. Like Nae, I do trust God is in complete control though!

  5. PEP says:

    I know this isn\’t my space but I enjoyed your rantings and you are so right. I may even build you a taller soapbox (smile).

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