I no longer make New Year resolutions, I am more goal oriented on a daily basis.
One of my current goals is to share more of my photos and Alaska to more people.
In support of that goal I am organizing my Flickr photo pages in order to present more.
I just made public my Alaska Wildflower and Plant set, and am working on several others.
The link is at the upper right of this site.
One of those collections I am working on is my sunsets, which I hope to make public shortly.
Tonight’s sunset was number 33 on my page, hence the name of the blog.
Sometimes I am inspired by these sunsets and think of music, people, inspiring times and so on.
Sometimes I am just saying WOW over and over again as I take these pictures,
just like the people recently making comments on my blogs.
Tonight I sat in relative comfort, away from my truck,
with temperatures at a warm and pleasant 20 something.
I had no words to speak, no real thoughts I remember, just focusing on capturing what was unfolding before me.
Please provide your own caption if you like, tonight I was speechless, so this one, at least for now, is simply sunset 33.
Here are a few glimpses…
Mount Susitina in alpengow
The sunset and Cook Inlet
How’s the view?
Slight Mirage (sun sinking into horizon)

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9 Responses to 33

  1. Vieille Ourse says:

    Great as usual. Steve, please go on being … speechless … for a time of course … then resume telling us about Alaska.
    As a kid I used to read Jack London\’s books and others about the Great North. As there was no television and no internet (of course), I could not really imagine what it was like over there and I wished I could travel to those countries … now you give me the opportunity to visualize and say "Wow" again and again … Thanks so much, Steve !

  2. Sheila says:

    Congratulations Steve,
    on making the "Hot Space of the Week" at MSN spaces!!! though that is a bit of a contradiction with a "warm pleasant 20 degrees" pfffffffffffffft!These are all gorgeous and I am usually in awe of what it really takes for you to get these shots (I very rarely am "speechless" as you have probably noticed when it comes to your pictures).  My favorite is the "slight mirage" but there is something really cool about the last one with the pink in the upper stratosphere.Have fun with all of your visitors this week, you deserve to be featured, you bring so much beauty to so many people!hugs hugs from your North Carolina friend

  3. amy says:

    These are truly breathtaking!!!!  I can\’t imagine living in Alaska because I HATE the cold.  But these pictures make me want to go!!!Thanks for sharing them!!

  4. -c says:

    Mmmm. Isn\’t every sunrise and sunset a precious gift!

  5. Nessa says:

    No wonder you were speechless – looking at that last photo is enough to render anyone speechless – it is stunning!  Good for you on letting the world see your amazing photography – you are going to bring so much beauty and so many smiles to so many faces.  But you cannot stay speechless for long as we all need your humour and your words to keep us inspired and awed by the beautiful imagery you share with us.  The photo\’s are wonderful but it is the man behind them that brings them to life for us – Thank you for being you 🙂  Hugs xx 

  6. Ann says:

    As always…beautiful. Some day…

  7. elizabeth says:

    love the mirage pic.  amazing sky.
    hugs, bb. x

  8. account deleted says:

    It\’s looking purty cold up thar. Stay warm, Steve. : )

  9. Barb says:

    Sometimes there simply aren\’t words that convey our awe at the beauty before us.  Alaska sure has many of those moments. 🙂

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