Winter Biking

Welcome friends guests and passers by!
This is a somewhat belate blog in response to a comment and questions from Sheila at Hurricane Lane.
She asked some things about bicycling in winter up here and I hope this answers that!

I have been biking in winter in Alaska for roughly 15 years. I do this when conditions are good, meaning hard trails, in between snow conditions more optimal for skiing. I use the same bike as in summer for trail riding with a couple modifications.


My mountain bike is a Klien Palomino (like the horse Trigger that Roy Rogers had except for less horse power!). It is a "dually" meaning oil dampened air adjustable shocks front and rear. It has disc brakes and is a 21 speed. It also has a specially designed pivot arm that minimizes "bobbing" action that many duallys suffer from, a fairly recent and very significant engineering development.

Front Disc Brake, hub and rotor




Rear shock and swing arm


For winter riding, the tires I use are commercially studded for ice, similar to car tires, and are quite effective on moderate terrain.

Studded winter tread tires


Although special winter bike shoes are available that fit clipless pedals, I choose to use good insulated walking boots and the older style toe clips in winter.


The distance I bike varies between a mile and up to 25 miles in the winter.

All the photos on this blog were taken on a bike and photo trip I did December 15 of last year, the last time I was on my bike.

Ice is one of nature’s sculptures with unlimited imagination!

Stalagtite or Stalagmite?


The Thing!


Splashy Icy Cocktail


An ice ball perfectly caught between current and eddy


The ice fairies were busy!


Happy boy Steve on the winter trail

102_0311 a






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16 Responses to Winter Biking

  1. peungae says:

    I am stay at Thailand . It very far from your contey .Your space is very beautiful and interesting for me .

  2. Vieille Ourse says:

    Being out in winter (when conditons permit !!) is splendid … provided you get the right clothing and the right shoes (very important to keep warm). For you also the right bicyle. And essential (sometimes vital) is to know a minimum about weather/snow conditions !
    I love being outside … even if the meteorological conditions in Belgium are never as severe as in Alaska … far from it. LOL
    Enjoy your outings and till next time (and thanks for the pictures).

  3. catamaran says:

    It ferry cold in your country…Alaska!….-15???

  4. Cindy says:

    You sure there isn\’t a motor on that bike?
    Grrrrreat pictures.

  5. Sheila says:

    Ok Steve,PFFFFFFFFFT! Little boys toys just get more expensive as they grow! This really fascinates me (as I told you before) when I was a kid the 10 speed (my only link to freedom as a teenager) was hung up on hooks in the cellar with the first flake of snow and not seen again until the spring.  I missed the bike, but then there was the hockey stick and ice skates and toboggans to replace my warm weather modes of transportation, and the cold never kept me from being out there and having fun.  This is some heavy duty bike!  Thanks for sharing this. You definately know how to have fun!
    I love the "thing", look close, if you put two eyes on top, it looks like an alligator! I tried some cold weather (26 degrees! HA IN NORTH CAROLINA!) night photograpy last night. It was supposed to be an active evening for the Quadratids meteor showers, but even though I tried to find a remote location in the Croatan Forest, there was just too much light pollution for any good captures. Oh well, as you say, at least I extended myself…
    loved this!hugs hugs,Sheila
    hey is that ice I see on your beard?!? We will have to start calling you "Steve-cicle", what do you think Tani and Barb, is that fitting?

  6. PEP says:

    Steve you sure do have a very adventurous spirit. Great pictures. Keep on having fun my friend.

  7. Nessa says:

    As you know I just love snow and ice – and the cold – so I love these pictures – the variety of shape and form is amazing – nature really is a natural sculptor.  And you my friends are a true Earth Angel – your love of and exuberance for nature in its purest form just shines out from your words and pictures – and they always make me smile – thank you! xx.

  8. account deleted says:

    I love to bike, and it\’s one of the things I look forward to being able to do again once I quit smoking. Liz 🙂

  9. Barb says:

    Well, this is all Greek to me as the last time I was on a bike was before the 3 speed was even invented.  My knees couldn\’t take anymore punishment from falling.  Yeah, I was a bit of a clutz. 
    The photos are wonderful.  I love the ice formations.  The one looks like a sea monster with a lot of teeth! 
    Have fun biking and skiing!
    Barb 🙂

  10. elizabeth says:

    i just love what those ice fairies did.
    next time wear a scarf and they wont get you.
    hugs, bb. x

  11. Passing says:

    The only store that sells bikes is the only shopping we have and that\’s
    WalMrt. They only sell kids bikes! I guess when I travel to the big city I\’ll
    get to a bike store. I miss riding the bike, my knees don\’t.  Great pictures
    you took. Quite the fancy bike too. I remember putting my dog\’s chain on my balloon
    tires when I was a kid to ride in the winter. Didn\’t work…Toodie

  12. Philip says:

    Thank you for for sharing these great photos. I hope to visit Alaska someday. Fist time I have seen studded bicycle tires.

  13. 丹丹 says:

    Steve,you are so brave.I prefer to stay at home in the winter ,as I fear of cold weather.So i missed beautiful scenery outside.There is an old saying in China"宝剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来".You do the good job,thank you for sharing these wonderful photoes.

  14. tressie says:

    Steve Steve – – have missed your beautiful blogs and photos – first things first –
    CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING BLOG OF FOREVER FOR MSN (ok i added the forever part)
    second thingie
    you kinda lookie like santa clausy in your photo – just a weeeeee bit.
    third thinger – my son asked me about stalagmites and stalagtite icicles when we were in Utah – I thought it was delightful and here you have great photos – PLUS the kids were bugging me about snowflakes and how and why and how come and where and what and la dee da!!!  geez – what\’s a mom to do?  carry wikapedia around in her purse?  the photos are great!
    fourthly thingermabobber – only YOU could make a wheel and hub and brake etc etc look BEAUTIFUL~~~!!!  🙂  happy new year my long lost now found again friend….thanks for continuing to visit during my absence.  you are a true friend. – ttfn ~ tressie

  15. Luis says:

    I had a pleasure of viewing these 31 pectures or so and really liked them all.  They are truly peaces of art, except the last one because it\’s natural; you.

  16. Fahmida says:

    Heyy wht r u?? An animal lover or somethin like that

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