More Heavenly Bodies

After skiing yesterday I spotted the moon again,
so took a few photos from the trailhead parking area.
IMGP3078 a
I often see jets coming in at this location,
and had fun lining this one up with terrestrial objects.
IMGP3088 a
The afternoon saw me once again watching the sunset by the inlet.
The show was mostly low on the horizon and in reflected light on the water and ice.
Cook Inlet has some of the largest tidal fluctuations in the world.
They are in the 30 foot range between extreme low and high tides.
In spite of the big tides and strong currents ice sometimes blocks shipping
and ships here must be armored to break through it.
It is a powerful site to stand and watch as the current
moves the floating ice at more than ten miles per hour right in front of you.
  Color of the day. gold on a field of blue.


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16 Responses to More Heavenly Bodies

  1. Vieille Ourse says:

    WOW, I like the last but one pic … rather abstract design ! And also the moon and sky pics … well, all of them to be honest !
    S N O W  … a word that awakens lots of toughts … how long before any falls here ? When will the skis make that lovely schrrrr schrrr sund again ? ahhhhhhhh ….. (****) …… The Old Grumbling Bear is also an addict of that kind of white powder !!!! Thanks Steve for posting such beautiful pictures.

  2. Ann says:

    Gosh, I am just so grateful to see Blue sky! Fabulous!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love the last photo – that would look great hanging in my living room!

  4. I says:

      You have been posting some wonderful moon shots. Love it!

  5. Sarah says:

    love that first one of the moon and trees…….I can see my breath when I look at it, and feel the crisp chill…..
    and the gold on blue, so soothing it seems to whisper, "not to worry, all is well"….

  6. J W says:

    Yep, both hippy and jock my friend.  The hippy phase was just my way of dealing with Vietnam and didn\’t last but a few months.  Too much jock in my blood to deal with them both, but it was quite a ride while it lasted in it\’s duel personality role!!  Hard enough to hit a 95+ mph high fastball on a clear day.  The foggy hippy eyes and reflexes made it seem like trying to hit speeding bullet in a snow storm.  Steve, I do understand how you can feel crowded with people in Alaska because we both seem to prefer solitude in our quest for peace of mind.  Just keep sharing your world with us because it really doesn\’t evoke envy, rather more like a journey we can share with you without adding to the clutter of humanity.  Don\’t know about other folks, but I probably would feel a bit uncomfortable in asking you to share your hallowed ground with me tagging along.  Being the good man you are, I\’m sure you would extend the welcome mat, but a man\’s treasure is his for the giving and I would rather have you confident in my physical abilities and willingness to follow your lead before accepting an offer to share a day or two with your Alaska.  I have every intention of visiting your state within the next 2-3 years, and it would be nice to have some experience as a companion.  Feel free to send me a e-mail message and I\’ll do the same.  You need to know who might be compatible with the standards you should expect.  Be safe and happy Steve.

  7. Cindy says:

    Maybe just because it\’s so cold here…all these pictures make me colder!  But it\’s always nice to see the clear blue Alaskan sky.

  8. elizabeth says:

    love the moon, the snow on the trees, and the blue sky.
    but more jet pics please,  just love to see that trail,  brings out the wanderlust.
    love, bb.

  9. Passing says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to woodburn a scenery and your
    pictures, well, they take my breath away. I cannot imagine the gold reflections
    on the water and ice. I know pictures can only do so much. It must have been

  10. Nae says:

    Very nice … as always.I hope that you are well and surviving the weather.God bless you and keep you,Nae :o)

  11. Cindy says:


  12. Nessa says:

    Those blue and gold shots you get are awesome – such crispness and clarity, it is like looking through a window – your camera lens is our window on Alaska – Thank You 🙂

  13. Aimee says:

    *~* :o) if you do not have a smile today… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  14. Gareth says:

    I have to say that it is the moon framed inbetween the tree tops that does it for me, kind of like the towers shot 😉

  15. Gareth says:

    Hey, soz to cause you confusion but the comment below is from me it\’s that I was logged in to another one of my accounts instead, I did not notice at the time.  P.S. that site has nothing to do the my photography, just to let you know, instead it is to do with the police accusing me of being arrested int he isle of man, the funny thing is mate i have never put a foot on the isle he he he.  So hope you are not to confused

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