New Video…Real Kentucky Bluegrass

This is a video my friend Ann from Kentucky shot of some local boys playing.
I helped out a little by clipping a segment out and uploading it with titles.
If you like bluegrass and good’ol down home pickin and grinnin you’ll like this one.


Visit Ann’s space by clicking  HERE

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16 Responses to New Video…Real Kentucky Bluegrass

  1. Sue says:

    Great vido thanks for showing it to usTake careSue

  2. Vieille Ourse says:

    WOOOOOWWWW … Thanks Ann and Steve for this nice piece of music.
    You made my day …. I   L O V E   it !!!
    Hugs from Belgium.

  3. Millie says:

    We have a lot of bluegrass pickin\’ here in Tennessee.  That was a great video. Not like the lousy ones I make.  Maybe practice would make perfect.  Have a great day…….

  4. KatSoup says:

    Yee-Haw.  That was absolutely fablous!!  I would be right there,  what a good time.

  5. Pat says:

    Steve, the video(s) were so cool. I live in the hills of TN where bluegrass is like a first language to most people. Less than twenty miles down the road is the "Carter\’s Fold"  in VA. Johnny Cash and June used to be there quite often before their passing away. The is a lot of local musicians that play. Grew up with this music.
      I can hear the difference in the bluegrass here and celtic bluegrass in the videos. I love the celtic.
    Thank you ..have a great day…Pat

  6. Patsy says:

    Nothing like Bluegrass to get you up and clogging!!  Yes I clog and when I hear blue grass music, I can help myself. LOL  Thanks for sharing and have a great day. As Ever, Pat

  7. Kimmy says:

    Now that\’s what I call some picking & grinning right there! Great job on all parts. Gonna give your friend a visit too.

  8. Lyn says:

    What a great way to start the day with a little bluegrass…….Thanks Steve, I will have to check out Ann now……….

  9. Nessa says:

    Real foot tapping music – has a very "Celtic" sound to it – thanks 🙂

  10. Sherry says:

    Got my toes a tapping! Good job to you both.

  11. Lyn says:

    I also enjoyed looking at some of your pictures. Havent seen them all yet, but I will. What I did look at was Never forget them. Its very touching. I grew up in that era too, and lost some friends in battle or some with mental problems that they couldnt seem to recover. Sad part, we are at it again. Thanks for the reminder…………Lyn

  12. catamaran says:

    Let we dancing…i like this music.

  13. Sheila says:

    Hey Steve,
    you and Ann make a great team!
    This is real music from real people…not only are there places to see in this big ol\’ world, there are wonderful people to meet. So glad you an Ann collaborated and allowed all of us to me these authentic people. This is what makes this blogging community so worth it.
    from your very obstinate friend, with love and hugs from a place in the sun

  14. Aimee says:

    i have no speakers…
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

  15. Jim says:

    Thanks for helping Ann to get it posted.  I really enjoyed it.

  16. terri says:

    enjoyed the video,going this month to see celtic-mountain music preformed here in olde town @ the sycamore is a playhouse-resturant-art gallery here in historic petersburg va. got me in the mood 4 it now! luv that soggy-bottom boys sound, tee hee.

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