Sringtime in Alaska ??

I often say, along with other Alaskans, that I live in a place of 2 seasons, winter and summer.
Spring and Fall up here are called Breakup and Freezup respectively.
Here is a photo I took on day two of my Denali Aurora trip, last Friday.
This is Savage River, 15 miles inside Denali National Park, the furthest you can take a personal vehicle.
IMGP6294 a Savage River
Looks like springtime does it?
Well spring up here is different that’s for sure,
The tempreature is mostly zero or above…mostly,
there is a silence in the woods, as the Caribou and Moose ready for calving,
a few weeks before the big boar Grizz reappears and begins to hunt.
In nature, if you have made it this far and are not dying now, you have a chance.
There is an old song about springtime here, made famous by Johnny Horton.
Thanks for reminding me Grumbling Bear from Belgium.
We used to sing along to this tune playing on the juke box and poke fun in a pool hall in Moscow Idaho.
I looked for it tonight and found this rendition I really like by Johnny and June Cash and here it is…
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21 Responses to Sringtime in Alaska ??

  1. Buck says:

    I have that album, its 33 1/3 rpm, if I find out how to put it in here, Ill share it with you.  Mine is Johnny Hortons

  2. Kimmy says:

    Steve it\’s ironic you post this tonight. I just watched Into the Wild for the 3rd time. So close to such a stunning river. What a beautiful piece of nature you have before you.

  3. Cat says:

    ok that adoption request? only for summer – LOL!!!

  4. Sue says:

    Im with Cat i want come for the summer tooTake careSue

  5. Barb says:

    I love the sheen of the sun off the ice.  Even though it is all snow and ice, there is definitely something drawing a person towards those mountains in the distance.  Beautiful mixture of blues and aquas.  I do see some cracks in the ice so \’Breakup\’ is coming!  Hang in there and soon the slopes will be covered by those delicate blooms once again.
    The trade off for the laser surgery is no new camera equipment for a couple years.  Worth the sacrifice I\’d say. 🙂
    Thanks for being excited for me!  It has put a bit of bounce in my step for sure, if only my eyes would go back to \’normal\’ after the dilating drops this morning. 
    Hugs from an excited Edmontonian! 🙂

  6. brettskib says:

    Spring time !!!! That is ammazing you really have a nack for photiography take care my friend would love to have a chat one day Have family in US mainly around Seattle hope to get there some time this year brett

  7. Vieille Ourse says:

    So nice ! One day Spring WILL be there …
    Thanks Steve !!!
    Hugs from the old Grumbling bear from Belgium …

  8. Sheila says:

    Well, springtime here Steve is 68 * at 9am this morning! Alaska sounds like it is a land of stark contrasts. Gorgeous (in a brrrrrrrrrrr kinda way).  The azaleas are blooming! Light pink, white, red, fushia…hope to get out this afternoon to show you what spring means around here!
    hugs hugs

  9. Sherry says:

    It looks like a picture from another planet…amazing!

  10. Patsy says:

    Sping you say??? Ok Steve, I think of spring as in the sixty degrees, as it is here in good old West Virginia today.  Not rubbing it in really, I have hills but you have mountains and the landscape is breath taking.  Now to let you know how old I am I know both of those songs by heart, Johnny\’s and Johnny Cash\’s in fact Oh God I can\’t believe I\’m typing this I have the albums with those songs on it. Take care and SUMMER will be there soon, and then what kind of pictures are you planning for us?? Have a great week. Pat

  11. Life's Like A Beach says:

    Thanks for sharing through your eyes the spring time there.  Yes, can imagine singing & poking fun while shooting pool :).  It is an amazing part of country that you are in.  Have a Good Week…footprints @ Life\’s Like A Beach

  12. Ellen says:

    Hi, Steve! Thank you for visiting my space! Somehow I envy you, even if I found the long winter too rough after 13 years up north. The Northern Norway has got the same poor beauty as Alaska. The lack of spring is exactly like you describe it. Fall, however – we have a lot of fall in the Northern part of my country! It may in fact last from the beginning of August till the middle of October. And I believe that fall in the Northern Norway is the best season. The colors in the mountains – red birches, the clear, blue sky, blue lakes and creeks… 

  13. account deleted says:

    Thanks for all the visits, and for keeping me in your thoughts during my "abesence" so to speak. It meant a lot to me to know you cared enough to keep coming by and leaving such nice, warm messages.
    You and I are on the same page in thinking about Springtime today, but I hafta admit, you have it "worse" in that regard. At least it\’s not below zero here today, but we did get another dumping of snow last night.
    I think I am ready to blog again… at least I am going to attempt it. I am also going to make myself take more pictures again. Funny how depression can rob you of your desires to do that which you ordinarily love.
    Anyhoo, I have of course read all you posts and seen all your pictures, even though I did so quietly, and also, of course, I loved them all. You are such a talented man, and you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. What a combo?
    Thanks again for being such a wonderful friend…
    Love, Liz

  14. DANA says:

    When we lived there we knew it was break up (spring everywhere else) when the windshield wiper fluid actually sprayed, and the ice in your soda cup in the car didn\’t keep the cubes frozen.
    Also one time I actually videotaped Fall. A wind came up and the leaves blew off the trees, it was 5 minutes long.

  15. Aimee says:

    very nice…
    *~* :o) a smile is a universal welcome… :o) *~*

  16. Rambling says:

    LOve this…just do.  Wish I was there.

  17. Cindy says:

    It looks cold, but the sun\’s rays are winning the annual battle.  Nice picture.

  18. catamaran says:

    I feel the rest at seeing this photograph. hugs!

  19. JaeElle says:

    It might be springtime or "Breakup" there,  but it\’s still soooooo cold!  Our temps are in the 70\’s here now.  I\’m waiting for even warmer temps soon.  Another beautiful picture,  my friend.   

  20. PEP says:

    I hope I never have to be in a place where it\’s 40 below. Glad you love it though because I get to see it through your lens.

  21. Jim says:

    I wonder how thick that ice is.

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