Got Snow?

From last night about halfway through the storm. This broke the monthly record from 1963,
and at 20 inches, is third for a 24 hour period here.

IMGP7261 a Got Snow?

Mobile Snow Cave

 IMGP7263 a Mobile Snow Cave

Although the temperature was within the normal band,

I can’t help but think this was "seeded" by the smoke and dust from fires in Siberia,

 and the Gobi Dessert dust storm.

I little reminder that a single natural event can change the weather over large regions, even the globe.

This last one was today after the storm, no barbeque today!

 IMGP7265 a Not Today!


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22 Responses to Got Snow?

  1. Barb says:

    Ugh.  I\’m becoming very allergic to anything white.
    Hope it doesn\’t stay long!
    At least most of our snow melted today.  I had fun splashing in the puddles.
    Hug hugs from the little kid in me. 🙂

  2. Robinson says:

    I have long been awaiting to get to know what was your next plan and here, you are having so much snow! how are you coping, feeling hot or cold? LOL, "Spring time in Alaska is like six feet below" says Johny hutton I do hope nature  will provide some good weather soon. Steve? a question, do you hunt as well? I\’m sure you see most of the wild animals too!  You are almost at a 1000 friends arn\’t you feeling proud to know so many people care and love your art in photography, "You are really gifted" Be careful .I wish you good health and long life! Huggs! NVR.!

  3. Nae says:

    Wow!  I am so glad that we didn\’t get snow!  You poor thing … I bet you are so ready for spring — but perhaps it means that we will have a wonderful and hot summer!
    God bless you and keep you,
    Nae  :o)

  4. Babblelot says:

    Snow? I bet it\’s like Dayshavue all over again!Aren\’t you sick of shoveling? Keep warm!

  5. Vieille Ourse says:

    WOO HOO … I like snow a lot, but when Spring is due … enough is enough !!! Poor you … Hopefully you get some better weather shortly.
    You are right. "Act local … think global …" And many people do not (yet) realize that what they do, whatever small and insignificant, has repercutions thousand miles further away …
    I am sending you some of my "blue and green Belgian spring" and wish you a nice week-end anyway …
    Hugs !

  6. Rambling says:

    This is exactly like what we called (and really it was, our blizzard in 1993.  I have a picture I took off the side porch of my Camaro Z-28 totally covered and drifted over.  Only the side mirror tip showed.  The trash can had a topping like your BBQ too.  These  pictures of yours brought back memories obviously 🙂

  7. Sherry says:

    That\’s a lot of snow there Steve. All I can say is I\’g glad is there and not here ;). My friend who lives there sent me some pictures too. She\’s so sick of it lol.

  8. Life's Like A Beach says:

    Wow Steve…Know you must be looking forward to getting out on the trail with your bike.  Hope that time is not too long of a wait–anticipatioooonnn.  Here the weather is the opposite intensity 🙂  Hope the sunscreen keeps me from searing 😉  Have A Safe Day there ok…May Peace And Blessings Be With You…footprint\’s @ Life\’s Like A Beach

  9. Beth says:

    Beautiful for a Christmas card picture but not very springlike.  Stay safe in this stuff.

  10. Da'Linda Loo says:

    well …. so i may be weird, but i love a good blizzard. haven’t had one here in central pa for quite awhile now. and the people around here go nuts. when they call for 2" every one stocks up like they are going to be snowed in. ha ha.

  11. Nozee says:

    Aag Boo!I thought you would have us all for some BBQ?!A friend of mine posted something about the "butterfly effect" after seeing the movie with the same name.As for your blog – It goes to show how a small/far away thing can have an effect in our life.We now see it more and more in the absurd weather patterns – but it is also truein our day-to-day dealing with other people. Scale of balance?My greetings,SNOOP

  12. Sheila says:

    sure is purty tho! could use some of that snow here, to get rid of the tree pollen that is contributing to my allergies…
    hugs from a sniffling southerner who would consider herself in heaven with her trees dusted in the white stuff!

  13. Lyn says:

    Now might not be a good time to mention it was actually about 70 here today, for our Dogwood Festival this weekend, it didnt rain, which is rare. Guess I wont be up for a BBQ right away. Thinking of you tho. Hope it gets better soon for you. Lyn

  14. Jim says:

    Wow.  Now that is some snow.

  15. Jacque says:

    Now THAT\’s the kind of snow I love!!

  16. Ann says:

    Holy Cow Steve! I can hardly believe it. Its pretty, but its almost May!!! Hopefully, it won\’t last very long.

  17. Cindy says:

    I am so glad you got this and not me!  Cuz, I remember you liking snow and winter, right?The round one is actually green and orange, not watermelon colors at all.  It\’s not good enough to sell, it\’s all lumpy and doesn\’t have the best stitching.  Still working on that.

  18. R U Serious says:

    Man!!  You have the BEST photos!!  And that snow!!!!!  You are right with your comment!!  105F is WAY to hot, especially for April.  That jersey thing?  C\’mon!!  Idiots!!  It IS nice having new shirts delivered and yeah, that nearsighted Great White is still out there!!  It was supposed to cool off today. THEY said so!  Well, PFFFFT!!  Well, I guess 95F IS cooler but it\’s hard to tell!  Dang!!  We call this earthquake weather!!!
    Take care my friend, keep the great photos coning and have a GREAT week!!

  19. REDEEMER WORD says:

    We had snow and no bar-be-que either in Washington.  Revelation 3:16 be cold or Hot.  ELZA

  20. J W says:

    Seem as though I remember the Northern lights as having other colors while living in North Dakota, but can\’t be sure.  Like the shots of the meese..errr….moose funkles!!  If you had time to read a book, I would tell you about an encounter I had with a hornet\’s nest a few years back.  I know you can spell PAIN…..great stuff Steve.  You\’re the man.

  21. JaeElle says:

    Doesn\’t look like you\’ll be driving anytime soon,  either.   WOW!  What a storm! 

  22. Chris says:

    I know what it\’s like. I live in a very snowy part of Ontario and we got eighteen feet in total! But there where a couple really big melts so we didn\’t have that much all at once

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