First Hike, Gull Rock Trail

I did a hike out by Hope Alaska yesterday.
I did about 4-1/2 miles walking in two hours, a little less than half the whole distance available.
Hope is in the other side of Turnagain Arm, which is aptly named,
because you drive south for an hour, then turn around the end of the inlet and head north,
then turn again and head up and over Turnagain Pass,
then turn again and drive about 13 mile back to the inlet.
The trail has many personalities, as did the day.
From muddy boggy breakup conditions to higher more open,
easy strolling to knarly root navigation.
I was glad I wore my hiking boots,
there were places the frost had push up the dirt and then thawed,
leaving a collapsing ankle trap.
Here are some of the scenes I favored to stop and take photos.
The biggest hazard on a windy day is from widow makers,
old trees that can break or already have and rest precariously for the moment.
 IMGP7534 a Widow Maker
A post card moment from the bluff off the trail.
IMGP7558 a

Cook Inlet at low tide

IMGP7560 ac

Knarly roots and blow down ahead

IMGP7552 a Knarly

A babbling brook

IMGP7545 a

Log boardwalk

IMGP7538 a

The trail home

IMGP7554 a

There were post card moments in a day that wasn’t post card.

There was rain, snow, wind and sunshine at times, fairly typical many days in Alaska.

Hope is located in the low lying area in the next photo, taken from the Anchorage side.

The Gull Rock Trail goes to the right along the base of the mountain.

IMGP7563 a

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24 Responses to First Hike, Gull Rock Trail

  1. Beth says:

    Great photos.  I enjoyed them.

  2. Barb says:

    Steve, the clarity, detail and exposures in these images are amazing.  It\’s like I\’m standing right there beside you seeing the real thing with my own eyes (and I didn\’t have to hike even 1 minute! lol)  You really have become a master of your craft. 
    Glad you didn\’t become a victim of those widow makers!
    Hope you\’re having a relaxing Sunday up there.  Too bad the swans have moved on so fast.  I hope another group drops by on their way north.
    Hugs from an Edmonton gal with sore legs from just basically standing around in the park yesterday….your hike would have put me on bed rest for a month! lol

  3. PEP says:

    What a lovely trail home. You seem to always make the most of whatever life and the weather throws your way. Thanks for setting a good example for the rest of us to follow. Seems the road to the house of my friend Steve is a never ending road of faith & hope. I can deal with that.

  4. Sarah says:

    what fun to go on that hike with you, Steve.  Hope looks very like the Hope, Idaho, when viewed from across the lake from one of the many islands on LakePend Oreille, in the Panhandle…….
    You are a joy and an inspiration to many, Earth Angel!

  5. Cat says:

    Log Boardwalk & The Trail Home were my favorites – one is so drawn into the scene – and remind me, if you please, what is a blow down? I know I\’ve heard or read the term before –

  6. Kuskulana says:

    A blowdown is one or more trees that have been downed by the wind.
    They present an obstacle one must bushwack around, climb over or through or crawl under.
    Old growth forests (and edges of clear cut logged areas) are particularly susceptible to this, and this blowdown adds greatly to the ground tinder that can fuel forest fires.
    Of course forest fires are nature\’s way of cleansing the forest and providing fresh browse, as well as putting nutrients back into the soil. But then we in North America have a hard time standing bye and seeing a forest burn. See what happens when you get me started? LOL

  7. Sherry says:

    I\’m in awe Steve!!!

  8. Flo says:

    Very nice "post cards." You make me want to visit Alaska.

  9. Babblelot says:

    Loved all the pictures. Great postcard material!

  10. judy says:

    These really are postcard moments… Great job!!!

  11. Cindy says:

    It was nice hiking along with you today.  Watch out for those blow downs.  We call them wind falls…same difference.  Like you say, you\’ve got to go around, under or over.  If you\’re a dog, you don\’t even notice them.  Close to being the less than perfect day. LOL

  12. Sheila says:

    Steve! oh I bet you are so thrilled to be out on your trail after all of that snow.
    thank you for sharing these, such a diverse and changing scene on your trail.  I have recently found a place to get out that is not far from home and it is so rejuvenating! it doesn\’t have a view from a bluff such as yours, but, as I continue on my journey, I don\’t doubt that if I continue to search, there will be a bluff somewhere around the corner for me! last year it was Silver Springs (my L can\’t wait to get there this summer again).  This year it is Lawson Creek Park, with paths suitable for biking and boardwalks and trails suitable for running.  Hope to blog about it soon.
    thanks for the hike on your trail,
    hugs from the flatlands…

  13. מרב says:

    Well, i must say, that i was so enjoy reading that and the Picturs… end of the road left!!
    i wish i could be there also and visting Alska!!!

  14. Michelle says:

    The photographs are amazing!!  I\’ve popped over to your space via Sage\’s space after reading your comment on Alaska.  I recently fell in love with Alaska and would love to maybe live there one day.  Coming here and seeing the photos just reminded me of how beautiful and majestic it really is. You are quite the photographer!

  15. Suki x says:

    Wonderful pictures Steve as always I feel as if I am flying over Alaska on the back of a seagul( my secret fantasie)
    Love Suki x

  16. Fizz says:

    My favorites are the trail type photo\’s. They make me feel like I\’m almost home and could go out there and do the trail myself. Someday… maybe when I take my year off to determine what I want to do next… that\’s my 10 year plan. I wanna be able to take a year off and discover what I want to do with my life next.
    — Fizz —

  17. JaeElle says:

    I like your "Postcard Moments".   All are exquisite!   I like the trails and the babbling brook.  I can almost smell  the ocean from here. 

  18. Life's Like A Beach says:

    Thanks for sharing these moments that you took to experience close to nature.  Almost wanted to smell the air, in it\’s crispness and freshness.  This should start my day well.  May yours be also…footprints 🙂

  19. Michele says:

    You dont hike alone do you..those are really beautiful sites to share! Thanks for sharing with us!

  20. elizabeth says:

    i love the low tide pic.  my favourite.
    hugs from a warm and sunny uk.
    bb. xxx

  21. Dianne says:

    Hi Steve, It\’s way past my bedtime but I wanted to stop by. All your photos are amazing! I love them all. Every once in a while I get to go hiking in Algonquin Park. I just love it so much.
    If I was in Alaska I would surely die, because I would be holding my breath at such Beauty.Thankyou so much for sharing your adventures and your superb photos. Blessing, Dianne

  22. alice says:

    The water, the mountain and the color are so family from the above photo. It reminds me the time when I was in Alaska. I feel I can still smell it, touch it and feel it.
    We have a HOPE in British Columbia too, I was pssing by there last weekend on my way to Manning park. It is located between Hartison Hot Spring and Manning Park, in the middle of 3-4 hours driving. Nice cute town. This year, the spring here is a bit late, people say it means a very hot summer.

  23. alice says:

    Almost forget when is the last time I went hiking, must be long time ago. At least a year ago, the trails are calling me now!

  24. T says:

    Thaks for lovely description with words & photos of your hiking.
    Love it!

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