Reflect on it,
let it reflect on you
IMGP0138 a
Will You?
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9 Responses to Tranquility

  1. Cat says:

    tonight it\’s reflecting on me – that walk tonight took away all the unpleasantness of cgirlie39/Sherri\’s psychobullshit –

  2. Barb says:

    This is such an amazing shot Steve.  He truly looks tranquil, just slightly rippling the calm surface as he floats by.  Such elegance.  It\’s hard not to be calmed when viewing such an image.
    Congrats on your new toy!  How exciting!  🙂
    Hug hugs from the cooled off south!

  3. Isabelle says:

     I should take this image to calm me this coming week. Not all God\’s creatures have his luck!!
    Take care,

  4. Vieille Ourse says:

    Thanks Steve, yes, I will … this works so much better than all those pills and chemical stuff !!!
    All the best to you as well and a nice, relaxing week-end reflecting on Mother Nature\’s power !!!
    Hugs from the old Grumbling Bear in Belgium

  5. Beth says:

    Yes, I will.  The picture is calming.

  6. alice says:

    What a pround creature! What a peaceful moment! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Sherry says:

    We had those here a month or so ago but were way across the river so I could get a pic like this one. Beautiful Steve.

  8. T says:

    Oooo yes!
    Here is from SLO,
    do you like it?

  9. Dianne says:

    Hi Steve, The water is so calm. It is Natures mirror. You have captured it\’s Beauty with a skilled eye, mixed with emotion. Take care, Dianne

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