There are 11 subspecies of Canada Geese, of which 6 occur in Alaska.
I have been around two kinds,the Copper River Dusky and the ones around here,
the Lesser Canada Goose.
These are a medium size goose that nests throughout the Cook Inlet and Interior regions.
These were at a small lake in the city of Anchorage, one of many I might add.
The Gander, the Goose, and all the Goslings
 IMGP1165 a
Hard to imaging these little fluffy babies flying for thousands of miles
in just a few short months!

IMGP1136 a

Hitting the beach

IMGP1110 a

Salad Bar

IMGP1126 a


IMGP1123 a

A watchfull eye

IMGP1129 a

OK kids, back in the water, let’s go!

IMGP1147 a

A gaggle of gregarious goslings

IMGP1152 a

Paddling off in formationIMGP1161 a

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17 Responses to Canadians

  1. REDEEMER WORD says:

    A beautiful randition of a mama.  I have had some of these fly into my creek over the years, also some cranes I believe.  You are
    a naturalist…GOOD FOR YOU….ELZA

  2. Horst says:

    Great Photos Steve,
          When I was a kid on the farm, we used to raise geese. These photos remind me of those days. I sure do miss them.

  3. Beth says:

    Spectacular photos.  I know where they will be flying to.  Canadian geese are thick in the retention ponds at the shopping center in my big city.

  4. Vieille Ourse says:

    Gorgeous pictures … one could almost hear them "quacking" around !!!
    Have a nice week-end and enjoy the summer light !
    Hugs from Belgium.

  5. JoAnn says:

    How beautiful is this?

  6. Kimmy says:

    Oh those are wonderful shots Steve! I can see the difference in the LCG and the ones we have around here. I had no idea there were so many diff. species!

  7. Cat says:

    thank you for the respite from the craziness in my life –

  8. Sue says:

    Wonderful pictures thank you for show us themTake careSue

  9. Sue says:

    Wonderful pictures thank you for show us themTake careSue

  10. Sarah says:

    This is such a heart-warming series, Steve.  I shall have to tell my daughter to show little Kaia.  You are marvelous.

  11. Sheila says:

    What a fantastic series of what I have always considered a very noble bird. I have trouble honking after two, can\’t even begin to imagine what it would be like with nine!  I love the picture of the "What?", only with mine it ends up being "Whatever!" I bet you had so much fun taking these pictures. I know for certain I have had so much fun viewing them! thank you so much for sharing these Steve, you have enhanced my life so much with your photographs, and countless others I am sure.
    Hugs hugs from a much cooler south east coast (only gonna be in the 8o\’s today!)

  12. sweeti's says:

    First of all…  Thumbs up…Super pics   and i love the salad bar  lol
    these  lil sweeties  will  fly  thousand  miles   pfffffffff..but they will be grown then in such short time???
    Nature is beautiful 
    When i was still  at  home. we  had a very very big garden  with  a lot  of ducks  and  my fav..animals  were the black swans
    they were very special…No one  could walk  in peace in their  area …Only one  could.
    our cat
    it was so wierd…she slept  between  those 2..I still rememeber. that
    iN those days  we did not had  digi cam…Imagine  what  pics  that wouldgive
    its not natural that a cat lives in peace with  blacks…
    bye now..and tx for sharing these beautiful animals.

  13. Barb says:

    Very very sweet.  They have a shorter bill then the variety we host here in the city.
    Our Mallard ducklings are finally appearing now…will have to get out to the park this week before they get too big.
    Hope you\’re having a great weekend Steve
    Got another bug image up for you to go "eeeeeeeuuuuuuu" over.  HA!
    Hug hugs 🙂

  14. Patricia says:

    This simply beautiful love the babies thank you for sharing these picturesPat luvlinks

  15. Babblelot says:

    I just love the picture with Momma\’s head just to the right.Oversee\’r. Delightful pictures. This is a med sized goose?I wonder what the big ones are like.

  16. Arctic says:

    i love those fluffy goslings. here they are not even start hatching yet.

  17. Arctic says:

    wonderful pictures, Steve, they totally change my idea what Alaska realy like, before i thought Alaska and Victioria Is. mgiht have similar climate, now i can see the big difference! the Canada goose here dont even start hatchig yet.

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