Tag You’re It !!!

I was tagged by Anita (Suz) and Sheila just last week, and I am responding also to Snoop’s challenge. I have to admit, I was tagged sometime ago by BH (remember him anyone?) and another person who’s name escapes me right now. Being tagged is funny to me, that’s what they do to um dead people and bear hides around these parts, yikes!

Here are the official "Rules" really they are guidelines, I say-do what you want to! (I do)

Post the rules on your site.

Tag your prey, ahhh…I mean friends (let them know)

Send them back to your post.

Spill it (he he Ellen I liked this)

Here are my things about me (yes I can count but hey! I was fivetuplifiedley tagged!

"no brag just fact" (ok who said that and what was the TV show? Anyone?)

  1. I believe that we are all connected in some way. I came up with a theory (or is it hypothesis?) I called the "attraction expansion" theory long ago in college (gotta think of something while putting off studying don’t you know). This theory builds on the classic theory of gravitation, that all bodies in space attract all other bodies (aka Newton’s Law). Simply put, every action we take affects, to some degree, big or small, everything and everyone in the universe.
  2. When I die I want to be cremated, I wouldn’t want to take up the least bit of real estate on this earth just to hold a body I don’t occupy anymore, I consider that a waste and would be arrogant, and I want to return my ashes to mother earth, as it should be.
  3. I was born in Fairbury Nebraska (where both my parents went to high school, and don’t blink as you drive through it or you’ll miss it), and lived in Grand Island Nebraska ’till I was 5 1/2, when we moved to Idaho. Yeah! an Aquarius sign of water in the dessert, what’s up with that? Well I guess it is natural selection test, to see if I could find my way back to where I am centered. I lived in Idaho Falls, Nampa (named after chief Nampa), Moscow, Troy and McCall (over 5,000 feet in elevation) Idaho, and I now have lived in Alaska for longer than anywhere else, since in 1975. Well my dad moved us to Idaho, so it was a natural thing to come up here!
  4. My occupations have included farm hand, welder/steel fabricator, pizza maker, engineering lab technician, surveyor, computer design, assembly and sales business owner, unemployed bum (my ultimate goal, though I am not very good at it, too much to do!), engineer, project manager, now photographer and once again a small business owner.
  5. Besides living in houses in regular subdivision property, I have lived in tents, the back of a pickup truck, a fifth wheel trailer, a quonset hut (glorified culvert pipe), and an empty building. Not just camping, but living, you should see some of the places I’ve camped!
  6. I like to cook although I don’t do it as often as I used to. I used to make my own Tofu and can make quiche from scratch. I don’t bake much but I am a sucker for cake with chocolate frosting or chocolate chip cookies soft and hot out of the oven. On the other extreme I can go with very basic food when needed, like eating cold chili right out of a can during a pouring rain huddled up under a poncho (though I have avoided that now for some time).
  7. Friends are important to me and space friends are real friends. If I fall off a space friend’s list I always try to find out why, and this had renewed and strengthened several friendships this last year. On spaces I have a few simple criteria for accepting a friend invite;

    they must be 21 or older,

    have a public space,

    show solid evidence they are a real person,

    generally have content rated G or PG, and

    they have to play nice (this doesn’t mean always agree with me or be a cheerleader).

    This year I have opened up my space to many more friends. I still have most of my original friends on spaces from 2006, one isn’t on spaces anymore but is on flickr, one is moving and will return to spaces in September. I have a several friends on both Spaces and Flickr. I have more friends on flickr though I don’t have a hard count, maybe a couple dozen, and I meet with some of them here locally for photo shoots and shows. To me friends are people who share something, it can be similar experiences or different, doesn’t matter that much. How much is shared is variable and hopefully comes naturally and easy. I count my self as very fortunate to have the friends on my list, on flickr and elsewhere.

  8. I am very driven toward things I want or want to accomplish, and will work hard toward a goal I believe in. I have been called obsessive in this regard and wouldn’t argue against it.
  9. I am what is called an analyst by nature. That means I do a lot of research before reaching a conclusion or decision, left to my own devises. Before buying say a new camera lens I will research lenses and figure out the best option for me to pursue. I like to optimize!
  10. I like to be innovating and invent new things or methods. One of my current innovations (obsession) is taking photographs of the northern lights with multiple medium format cameras, to produce very large and very sharp images.
  11. I plan to publish a book in 2009. It will be mostly outdoor photography and maybe some writing. I haven’t decided what the title will be or the specific theme, I will work on all those details this winter. My short term goals are to get my photography out there, and to that end I am doing photo shows, I have a gallery set up in town, I have entered one competition and am considering others, and I am considering other publications, such as magazines. I will publish a price list for photographic prints soon on my space.
  12. I seldom read novels but I read and study the equivalent of at least one text book a year. This year I have been studying photography (what else?) technique, equipment, printing technology and also marketing.
  13. My first camera was a Kodak Brownie when I was maybe about 10. I started using an SLR when I was a teen and still have that camera (a Kodak Retina Reflex S). It wasn’t until the mid 1980’s that I got a camera that had automatic functions. My work benefits from my knowledge of basics I learned early on, and I stress basics to any would be photographer.
  14. I don’t affiliate with political groups such as Republican or Democrat parties. I prefer to be simply an American citizen. Didn’t we fight a fricking war to be independent people?
  15. I have been through a life changing experience or two in the latest few years. I now count each and every day as a blessing and a bonus round when I awake. Some details will be in my forthcoming blog "Walking in Tiger Country"
  16. I expect to get chided by my vernacularly stilted vociferous nonconforming (i.e. smart ass) friend from Hurricane Lane. Ok I enjoy humor and good natured kidding from good people, No Kidding LOL

Oh and here are 10 more things from the last time I was tagged

Somebody Stop Me!

  1. I once killed a bear before he killed me (upcoming blog-The Killing at Bartell Creek)
  2. I once won a 35 mile bicycle race, because the guy that should have won had a flat tire and then got lost!
  3. I once had a girl (or should I say she once had me?). She told me that my first love was the mountains, and I have always believed her.
  4. I was born under the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. I need to near it to thrive…oceans, lakes, rivers.
  5. I have been an avid photographer since before I was 10 years old. I had a Kodak Brownie camera then.
  6. I arrived in Alaska with $50 in my pocket and no job.
  7. I believe that beauty is never far away, and neither is evil.
  8. I believe in the saying "Enough is Enough, and More isn’t better"
  9. I learned to whistle from our parakeet Bobby when I was young.
  10. I wrote these waiting for a Lunar eclipse August 27 2007, there are 47 total. Yes I can count, I just wanted 10 !

Enough? Did I mention I can be an over achiever?

OK I spilled it (ha ha again Ellen, the Resident Crazy Girl)

One more thing, and I mean this;

Thank you to all my friends, all the readers and all the viewers that have graced my space here.

Without a reader a writer would be a raving lunatic.

Without a viewer a photographer would be merely tilting at windmills.

Now I tag just a few of my friends…

Ellen (from Norway)

Tanja (from Slovania)

Life in the Arctic (Arctic Wolf in the Canadian Arctic)

Ann (Kentucky Girl)

Katia (Vielle Ourse, aka Old Grumbling Bear)

Captain Ron (Sealog & Other Stories)

Kimmy (Tennesee Nature Lover)


And of course I extend a standing invitation to all my friends, each and every one!!!

Please let me know if you take this invitation, I do want to follow up.

IMGP0891 ac

Photo, self portrait of me in the alpine June 8, 2008.

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34 Responses to Tag You’re It !!!

  1. Sue says:

    Great blog and phototakke careSue

  2. T says:

    Dear Steve!
    You did a long report of yourself and I was enjoying reading it! I need to thank you once again for your sincerity & good will to share some moments of your life with us. I already did participate in Snoops\’s challenge. This kind of tagging I rejected ones but you may convince me to do it … I\’ll let you know if 🙂

  3. Mei's says:

    Nice to know more about you, hope you remember me! Thank you for this new post it gives me another dream- a dream to hope another dream will come true ….. its not a big dream but its hard  ….. a book, may be one day! maybe!!!

  4. Arctic says:

    Steve my friend,
    as it always was by my feeling, every short disappearance or slowing down on your space means a burst and a surprise!
    though i am not so long on MSN space, i learn lot from you (do you remember my first question?lol) and inspired by your blog.
    surprisely i found so many similarities between you and me though i am younger than you (i don\’t say you are senior than me:-))
    here i have few items on my wish list of you:
    1. great success for your photographic book in 2009!
    2. another book afterward, autobiography maybe?
    3.vitness more lunar eclipes ,
    4. your internet is not down anymore…
    5,…(update later)
    good night !

  5. Cherno says:

    Hi Steve.
                    Cant wait to see these pics of the Northernlights, i have never seen them but can imagine how beautiful they must be.
    thanx for your comment on the "pylons" they are indeed a curse.
    I have moved to a different space now, you are very welcome to stop by anytime.
    best wishes 
    Kenny and Cherno.

  6. Vieille Ourse says:

    Hi Steve,
    Great to read all this about you … or did I not already know most of it just by instinct from reading your blog and looking at your pictures ? I also feel there are quite some similarities between you and me and I will do my best to "find" 10 tags about me on my blog. Difficult job after reading your brilliant "career" … 
    Hugs from Belgium !!

  7. Bill says:

    There is an interesting book written about the connection of all things in the universe (your #1 tag item).
    It\’s titled Way of wyrd by Brian Gates (I think). He calls the connection the WEB. Funny huh?
    Have a great day

  8. dawn says:

    sounding like a stand-up guy, my friend :)i too, second your point: "life is what you make of it, and you are what you have made of yourself." DIY

  9. kïrstin says:

    well we have idaho and bears in common. i was born in idaho, and my uncle has some articles in the kittyhawk museum in nampa. wwll stuff from when he was shot down over germany. and my grandfather killed a grizzly that was going to have him for a snack. shot it from a pretty close range, and made a rug out of him. im looking forward to reading your account.
    also i and the beau are also both water signs (although i dont take astrology too seriously, i do enjoy some the analogies) and i have to be by water too. ive pined for my ocean ever since i moved here! btw – grand island nebraska is quite the oxymoron 😉
    i took the challenge too, labeled \’crazy eights\’. but i could go farther than eight. thanks for sharing yours  😉
    s. lizard☼

  10. Troy says:

    That was very inspiring to read, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life. So different from the Real Estate world I live in and City Life. Enjoy your life, it sounds very exciting and adventureous.
    Kind Regards- Troy

  11. JoAnn says:

    Wow, Steve, you can make Quiche from scratch! 😉   You sure made up for all the tags!  Great read.  I look forward to the photos of Aurora Borealis. They have always fascinated me.   I appreciate your photography and blogs – keep \’em coming!  Have a great day.

  12. Anita says:

    Okay, Steve.  I\’m TOTALLY convinced.  You really are Superman!!!!  I\’m so glad you got tagged and responded, and I got to learn so many awesome things about you.    You could just possibly end up being my hero!  A true pioneer man …
    Love ya to pieces,

  13. Patsy says:

    ok, super guy, enjoyed it all and its always good to know a little more about a space friend.  Sounds like you are doing exactly what you want and when you want.  That is great, like most of us we are stuck in a 9 to 5 job and week-ends off.  At least we can live through some of your adventures and as you hinted in your tag I do mean ADVENTURES!!! A bear steve, a bear??? Anyway thanks for sharing and you stay safe and have a great week. Pat

  14. PEP says:

    Steve did I ever tell you that my first permanent party assignment in the Air Force was at Offutt AFB Nebraska?

  15. Beth says:

    AACK!!  I looked at this post and I thought I will never get through all of this  as it is too long.  I read it, fascinated, from start to finish.  I enjoy your photos very much Steve.  It was great to find out that you are human like the rest of us.  😉

  16. Isabelle says:

    To be sincere I started reading and was looking for the final POINT, but you know what? I have enjoyed this post! It was anyting but boring!
    And yes your pictures are a delight for the eyes!
    Take care,

  17. Sherry says:

    I really enjoyed getting to know you better Steve. I love the way you look at life. We do have something in common though, I am Aquarius too, and like you need to be around water. I love oceans and lakes, streams and rivers. I could sit by them hour after hour.
    The picture of you is great. It looks like you\’re standing at the top of the world. Indeed, I think you are.

  18. Sheila says:

    I loved reading your list. In #1, you started with a hypothesis, yet I think you can say it\’s now a theory because I think it can be backed with empiracal evidence. Say we do some random act of kindness toward one person. They may then remember how much they appreciated what we did without being ask and do some act of kindenss toward another person. And on and on and on. I\’ve seen it in real life (empirical evidence), so I think you now have a theory.
    In #2, I\’m thinking the same thing. We\’re going to be dust sooner or later, so why not sooner. But before you cremate me, take whatever organs someone else can use and give them to someone else.
    Thanks for sharing your list.

  19. Sarah says:

    Hey there, Steve!  Good to see the shot of you, where I can see the smile at the edge of your darkened face…  Always love to read about you.  The world is so lucky to have you around, showing us the beauty and energy of our Oneness.

  20. Kimmy says:

    Well look at you standing out there with oblivion behind you. Just where I would picture you. Very mesmerizing!I always find these \’about me\’ \’s interesting and would love to do this again. Gotta give it some serious thought (research myself if you will)I am so #\’s 1, 2, 9 and 14! lol Pass the cookies will ya?

  21. Flo says:

    Your pictures are so wonderful, a daily read/look-see for me. Uplifting. And I\’m so glad to hear you\’re doing a book. That\’s great. Details, when ready, please. :)))

  22. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Steve,
    One of your wayward friends but somehow we always make our way back!  I enjoyed reading your blog.  All I can say is…..you have my respect. Going to Alaska with $50.  in your pocket.  That\’s gutsy. I trust all is well in the northwoods.   Bittersweet in upstate N.Y.

  23. Polly says:

    Hi Steve, thank you. I don\’t usually have the patience to read long blogs properly, but this one had me gripped. Make sure you let us all know when you publish your book. I love your pictures too. Inspiring.

  24. Nozee says:

    Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder..  but without the viewer would there still be beauty?As if the tree falling in the forest yet no one hears – did it really happen?Kind Sir – This has been written and compiled brilliantly.I felt as if the child at the the feet of a great uncle, telling the tales of life.In my mind\’s eye a fire burning brightly and a sweet smell of a pipe. (don\’t ask me why)To me you\’ve told me even more than I would have dreamed to ask.Now I see so many other rooms to view and inspect of A Friend Far North.I smile now in thanks. For sharing with us so much.But also for inviting this friend back when he was finding his way back.From the southern lands of Africa   Snoop salutes you.

  25. Marilyn says:

      Your photos are spetacular and the composition awe inspiring. I\’m so happy that I ran across your space while visiting our friend Kimmy from Tenn. I could spend all day here reading your blogs and viewing your photography..
      While reading your list I found that no.s 2, 7, 8, and 14 fit me to a tee and not to mention that I to am an Aquarian and love the water. I feel so at home near or on the water than any place else but I want to be surround by wilderness and mountains at the same time. That would be the ultimate.
      The job I have is perfect due to loving the water and cooking. I cook on Linehaul boat and am on the river 28 days at a time. Mainly I am on the  lower Mississippi and love it. I do have to admit that the upper Mississippi is more beautiful…. When I\’m on the boat I am in my element and being surround with water for 28 days at time and not being able to step on shore for those 28 days does not bother me in least. I love the sounds that the water make against the vessel and seeing the swelling of the waves crashing into the shore when the water is rough and the lulling of it rocking the boat when we are tied off in the fleets doing tow work. I love everything about, even being on the water when it\’s storming.
      I will definetely be back to visit.
      God bless~Marilyn~ 

  26. Amanda says:

    Lovely post from you Steve !  But i did giggle slightly at the part where you mention you only accept friends from an invite if they are G, or PG rated…….hehehe, i must have broke the rules surely ?
    And i for one, know exactly how you like to ponder, or analyse before commenting on something.  You just like to make sure you got it right, right ?  It\’s a pity i didn\’t take a leaf out your book before now, lol.
    Talking of books, it would be great to see your work published next year.  You will be a success i have no doubt.  As for the title of it, how about something like \’The dream of real life, the Alaskan way\’ ??   or \’ Alaskan Eyes of Nature\’ ??  Or something similar, just a thought…..
    Anyhow, glad to see you are enjoying your friends from here there and everywhere, we all enjoy your company too, from wherever in the world we may be also.  Long may our friendships continue !
    Chockie cookies, quiches ? mmm, i am feeling hungry now.  I am impressed Steve, but i just cannot imagine you in a pinny after images in my mind of you wresting with a BEAR !! LOL
    Keep smiling,
    Love mandy Marie xx

  27. Sherri says:

    awesome post, I am honored to be among your friends!

  28. Terry says:

    Wow, what an interesting life you have had.  Reading your post was riveting.  The pictures you take are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen and do deserve to be published.  Will be looking forward to the book. 

  29. R U Serious says:

    COOL!!  Love the Self-Portrait!!  There\’s Steve!!  GREAT Photo!
    Jimmy B is ALWAYS good and as for the wife??   Slipped her a mickey!!  LOL
    Not really, but she is out!!
    Looking GOOD my friend!!  Have a GREAT weekend!!

  30. klaus says:

    Just decided to come in and visit. we have some mutual friends, but I had not seen your site before. I have to say, this is truly amazing. You are an excellent photographer, and your state, which, to be honest, I always believed to be a tundra, is incredibly beautiful.Great site.kgvs

  31. Cherno says:

    Cherno the Fearless enters the garden           "Sniff"  "Sniff"  "Sniff"…woofy woof woof….   Good,  no Bears around  here at the moment.  Hi Steve just popped in to wish you a
    Grrrrrrrreat  Sunday.  I am going to the park with me dad to chase some Squirrels.   Hooooowwwwwwlllllllll
    Cherno exits the garden.   Jake the bear must be around here somewhere, he thinks to himself, then trots off down the road to the Dogport, and fly\’s back to Yorkshire.

  32. Sheila says:

    from your friend away down here and to the right,I am thinking, how fitting it is that I write one of the last comments on this one! Steve your life still, like an unfinished novel (or coffe table picture book of Alaska), holds so much promise for the future. Some of us have only lived half a life when stacked against yours, and we are desparately trying to catch up, so that when that rocking chair seat needs warming, we will have something to look back on and smile.  You, having earned that rocking chair marathon, are still keeping the gunnals far above the water line, looking for that new adventure on the horizen…I dare say you have found it with your photography, what a rich and wonderful life you have lead.And what a wonderful way to enter into your "second" half of life.  Thank you for this one, there seems to be so much more to learn, from the friend away over there to left and up above.with much admiration and hugs

  33. Jacque says:

    Hi Steve,
    I always enjoy stopping over and visiting.  You capture and share so much beauty on this site.  I\’m always anxious to read more of your stories.
    This was such a treat to learn more about you.
    I am not an Aquarius, but I have always felt the need to be near water     (land of 10000 lakes) fortunately.
    Have a great day!

  34. linda says:

    hi steve, you live in a beautiful place, i thankyou for letting me see your pictures.and i have enjoyed your site.and i will be back again.

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