Monday was a Halo sun day, shown here with a jet trail

IMGP5428 a

A tiny blue flower in a rock quarry along the Seward Highway

IMGP5433 a

A memorial for a railroad worker killed in the line of duty clearing avalances,

has it really been that long?

IMGP5435 a

Parasail Boarders playing, here hiking upwind on an exposed bar

IMGP5495 ac

Looks like fun!

IMGP5488 a

Half tide in the inlet, high tide was 30.5 feet and low tide was -0.9 for a total fluctuation of 31.4 feet.

some of the biggest tides in the world are right here.

IMGP5516 a

As I composed that last photo a bird was singing behind me. I turned around and in spite of the back light I snapped his picture using fill flash as best I could.

IMGP5512 a

I still haven’t seen what I am really out here for, but when I do you will see it.
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17 Responses to Monday

  1. JoAnn says:

    Beautiful halo sun day!  Those are brave men who clear avalanches.   Water must be cold – too cold for parasailing!  Thanks for sharing, Steve, and have a wonderful day.

  2. Babblelot says:

    Your halo at first looked like an eye. Wow. Leave it to you to find a little flower, so pretty too.Parasailing in Alaska? First thought is burrr! That is the cutest little bird. Blueish in color? Iam not familiar with that one. I hope you find what your looking for.

  3. Aliya says:

    once again thank you for these breath taking views.i wish i could be there too.its such a blessing to feel and watch with own eyes
    and the song is lovly too.

  4. Sheila says:

    I\’ve seen shows on some of the educational channels about the people who do things to prevent avalanches and clean up after they happen. The sign is a great way to remember a man who died helping other people. Thanks for sharing his story.

  5. Karida says:

    Hello, my friend!  I am Karida.  Do you remember me ?
    I send a message to you last week, but I have no received your reply. Did you receive my message ?
    Maybe we can be friends with each other.
    I am a Chinese girl…o(∩_∩)o…
    Good luck to you!
                    Karida from China

  6. Vieille Ourse says:

    If you do not know what you are looking for, I know that what you have found so far is what I was looking for : a closer look on Alaska, its nature, people and … your music !!! Thanks Steve for sharing such "little" moments with your Friends … it is great to know you are out there …

  7. Sherry says:

    Well I don\’t know what you\’re looking for Steve but I like what I\’ve seen so far. I was watching the show Ice Road Truckers the other day and boy what a scary job that is.
    Good luck on your quest whatever it is.

  8. Sheila says:

    Well my favorite is of the upclose parasail boarder.  I cannot believe all the gear to stay warm, you know our ocean waters here are hovering around 84 degrees! BATH WATER!
    Do  the natives attach any significance to the Sun Halo?  I would like to think it means something good is about to happen, you s\’pose?
    Happy Halo Monday to you,
    it was a beautiful day for a bike today!
    hugs hugs

  9. Cat says:

    Magnificent blue – wow! and that song was in high school in SC when the Mamas & Papas hit the big time – and when CA Dreamin\’ came out – we  had just welcomed 3 new students – transplants from CA – man, did that song make them homesick! Lucky them they moved back a couple of years later and I followed but had lost touch with them by then –

  10. Rambling says:

    I\’ve only seen a haloed moon so far.  I suppose ice crystals do that for the sun as well.  That bird has some serious claws going on there.  Is that a Stellar\’s Jay?  I may have spelled his name wrong.  Best tides I have ever seen for startling goin\’ out and comin\’ in is in Bremen Germany.  Now man, that there\’s some tides!!!

  11. REDEEMER WORD says:

    There\’s nothing hidden that shall not be found, go in God and ye shall find it….ELZA

  12. Ellen says:

    Hi, Steve!
    Yeah, isn\’t that halo something? I\’ve seen that phenomenon twice. The first time in February in Finnmark, far north in Norway (latitude almost 70 N) – it was a great experience that I had never seen before and never heard of, so I had a real job to find out what it was! Finnmark in the winter is so beautiful – we\’re talking "Alaska" here, you know 😉 Nome riders and all…
    Have a great day, Steve!

  13. Arctic says:

    very imformative entry, Steve,
    very good shot of that guy was parasailing! of course the tiny but vibrant purple flower.
    I even never checked there is railroad transportation in Alaska, that is realy out of my expectation!

  14. Evelyn says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW!  Lucky You. Everything you share with us is breathtaking and I love it.  Please keep it coming.

  15. Lyn says:

    Keep looking Steve, we like it no matter what it is anyhow……….The memorial is very nice. Time flies tho, doesnt it. Things I think were 2 years ago, turn out to be 7 years ago…… that an age thing I wonder. Damn

  16. alice says:

    I love that blue flower, very beautiful! The parasail does seem very exiting.

  17. Karolyn says:

    Hello Steve,
    Now I can remember I saw a halo moon once, maybe 10 years ago. I think it is not usual in Switzerland, I never see one again. I didn\’t know ti was a halo, I called it rainbow around the moon!

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