Friday’s Sunset

The sun above the Mount Spur massif (active volcano) and Cook Inlet.
The rail of the Alaska Railroad is at bottom right.

IMGP6477 a Sunset Cook Inlet

It’s not hard taking sunset pics here, you just have to be there at the right time.

it is hard choosing a single image to represent such a beautiful event. IMGP6488 ac

It is simply a favorite slice in time for me, one of many.

Sunsets to me are not a goodbye, I hate goodbyes. IMGP6494 a Sunset Cook Inlet

Sunsets are a turning of the page of a day, enjoying the beauty of the moment, and anticipating another dawning, much like parting with a friend or loved one, and anticipating their safe return.


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20 Responses to Friday’s Sunset

  1. JoAnn says:

    Beautiful sunsets.  Anticipating a sunrise……maybe! 

  2. judy says:

    I hate good-byes to, your photos are beautiful as always, thanks for sharing

  3. Rambling says:

    well said.  I agree with you.

  4. Sarah says:

    ah, yes, the glory of creation.  A glorious farewell to another stroke in Time.  Like a gift from the powers thatbe, to all who watch, saying, "there is Love".  Just look–isn\’t that how it makes one feel?  Full of love?

  5. Sue says:

    Good blog beautiful pictures of the best time of day,Take careSue

  6. REDEEMER WORD says:

    I want say goodbye, just until we meet again………..ELZA

  7. Babblelot says:

    They are all magnificent so I can\’t say which is my favorite.Each has the action of the water waves and oh my it is beautiful.

  8. Sheila says:

         The words you used in this blog are as wonderful as the pictures. Great job!

  9. Trirat says:

    I love your picture…they great i feel that
    thank you share them.
    have a niceday you and family.

  10. Nozee says:

    Amazing photos Steve.The 3rd one has such a colour contrast.How many pictures do you take in a session like this one to only select 3?

  11. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Steve,
         These pictures are impressive. We don\’t have your spectacular sunsets; probably nobody does. I was looking at your photos and the thought came to mind that Alaska is still the land of adventure. To live through the many seasons is survival – having said that, it is virgin beauty that few experience.
         I fear that I would be a very unhappy camper if summer temps reached the 70\’s only once or twice. I guess that is why you live there and as an escape from the northeast, I have a little adobe house in the desert.
         Yes, my pork roast was delicious but must admit, what I really enjoyed was the caramelized vegetables that went with it.
         Anyway, the weather for the coming week will be in the 80\’s and sunshine, perhaps the nicest week of the season. Steve, my best to you and yours.  Take care.   Bittersweet
    P.S.   I\’m rooting for Sarah Pulin.  Quite the woman.

  12. Dianne says:

    Your photos are so breathtakenly beautiful, Steve. Great thoughts put into words as well. I so enjoy visiting your space. Thankyou for sharing the beauty and wonder of all that surrounds you. 🙂 Dianne

  13. Anita says:

    Magnificent.  Sunsets have always been one of my favorite times of the day, and I think you did a beautiful job of touching on the why.  I think what I love most about your photography is that it makes me feel like I\’m standing right there watching with you, sharing your eyes and your instincts!

  14. Sheila says:

    I need to take more time to sit and watch the sunsets. Until I do, I\’ll continue to enjoy the beauty of the end of the day through your pictures. These are beautiful!

  15. R U Serious says:

    Man, Steve!!  You take the GREATEST photos!!  Inspring!!
    My little Scottish Cairn Terrier is also named Bonnie!!  Seemed like an appropriatate name.  She sleeps with me every night… just a little too close!
    You are sooo right!!  \’Turning of the page\’! 
    Waiting for a fly-over!!!!!
    Take care my friend!!  Hope you are having a Great Sunday!
    BTW, What is you camera?  Mine is a Canon PowerShot SD1000.  It\’s pretty decent!

  16. Cindy says:

    WOW! Orange is my favorite color and that last one is full of it!  Love it and the one with the reflection too.

  17. Sheila says:

    What a wonderful comparison and I can definately see that Sunsets have become like a friend to you.  You visit, enjoy their company, and know that when you must leave, you can look forward to the next visit.So well said and these are all beautiful.  The first one really intrigues me the way you caught the reflection and mist.The second one has me guessing, is that a sunflare in the middle of the reflection or has the reflected sunlight on the water really change that pinky color? The bottom one, well I have never seen the sky that color of orange. It is fascinating. Beutiful words, even more beautiful photographs.
    hugs hugs from a resting from a 1/2 marathon friend (smiling)

  18. TheSpeedofLife says:

    Great photos!  Love the mushroom; the light hit that just right! 

  19. Life's Like A Beach says:

    Very nice Steve.  Thoroughly enjoy your photography & writings.  Thank you for sharing.  Have a Great Week.  May Peace And Blessings Be With You, footprints @ Life\’s Like A Beach

  20. Jeffrey says:


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