September 11 Again

I wasn’t going to do a blog today but I changed my mind.
Here’s my photo from today for my flickr group This Is Today
 IMGP6991 a All Caught Up

A 10 second exposere, and here is the caption;

Rotary Snowplow Engine on display at Potter Station,
sometimes life makes you feel like you are in a blender,
But if you just get out there and keep on a goin, it seems pretty good,
at least to me!

The term 911 is seared into my memory for a few reaons,

I have called 911 a few times in my life, once I got my friend to call 911 for me, I won’t forget that one.

The day the Twin Towers came down I remember several things,

I remember coming out into the living room and the TV was on,

I stood and I watched this sci fi video that was spectacular like the movie Independance Day,

and in disbelief, but then it registered that is was real.

I went to work, and I remember the total absence of aircraft in the sky.

This is a very busy place aircraft wise by any standard, but it was silent that morning.

At work some of us gathered in a conference room where there was a TV

The silence was deafening.

I always remember the day I signed up for the draft, and the decision I made that I would give my life for my country, even if I didn’t agree with some of the politics of the time. This was a big deal to me and still is. I am glad I didn’t get called up, and I am glad I didn’t die, and I try to really appreciate those who did.

The moon came up when I was out and I shot it with the big glass, the 500mm on the tripod,

but it was windy like it gets here in the fall, even so I like it just fine,

IMGP6996 a

Keep on goin Americans, never forget, and choose wisely, for there is a bad moon arising

What were you doing on 911?

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20 Responses to September 11 Again

  1. Vieille Ourse says:

    WOW I did not imagine that snowplows were so huge ! Excellent picture by the way.
    911 is something to remember, and a good reason for fighting for peace. There are also (many) other dates to remember, like November 11, for instance (Armistice Day – WWI). Unfortunately men tend to forget and fall back doing the same mistakes as ever : war ! 
    Have a nice day,

  2. Isabelle says:

    I am not American and I cannot say I agree with the politics BUT I am really sad when innocent lives are wrecked because of some crazy people who create their own motives, unjustified by the way to kill.
    I always wonder how deep can someone get to a point that he/she forgets that he is a human being, BEFORE being a terrorist, before thinking that the people he/she kills have families and young kids.
    Who gives them the right to decide to kill? GOD??? Nonsense!!!
    Take care,

  3. David says:

    Funny picture Steve. I needed a laugh today.

  4. Nozee says:

    I was in a compound where they manufacture explosives for mining operations. No radio equipment (FM radio, cell phones..) were allowed there.The tragic events that unfolded were spread through the compound as if in rumour.I thought it impossible.. a loss uncomprehending. Why would anyone go to such extremes?The shock hit me after reaching home and learning it was no cruel prank.Much could be said – but I think this wound is not healed.I wish to all US citizens and souls lost, that this day would never have happened.I wish for healing.

  5. Cindy says:

    It\’s one of those days that I remember just about every detail.  What happened at work, got my hair done, the traffic was weird and there was an Alaskan airliner stuck at the Madison airport for days.  It looked so out of place.
    Hope that snowplow isn\’t needed for awhile.  Have a great day Steve.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Wonderful blog Steve and the moon is incredible…always a different view from a different perspective.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Pat says:

    Thank you, first, for the photos….secondly, for your blog entry. It has been seven years but in some ways, it seems like yesterday. I was at work….A group leader came by and told a group of us what was going in. We didn\’t believe him at first, he is a bit of jokester. I was driving a forktruck and was able to run in and out of offices that had a radio.  I felt like my job that day was to keep my fellow worker informed.  But it was still not real……not til I returned home and viewed it for the first time. The shock and disbelief was heartbreaking. 
    The lives lost, for what!  That one I\’ll never undestand. I don\’t mean to go on and on, but this subject is still an open wound.
    Thanks again Steve….
    Take care, Pat

  8. Cat says:

    1st photo – great!!! song – one of my favorites – remember thinking as I watched the towers burn that they would be repaired w/ in 6 months – 15 min later they fell – watch that movie Zeitgeist – if even half of it is true we are in deep shit –

  9. Arctic says:

    a very impressive as well as a dynamic shot Steve,
    i guess the dat  911 can\’t be easily erased from everyone\’s memmory, either to me even though i was in China at that terrible moment.  i was staying in home off work after a duty travel at 911, when i turned on my computer to check emails, i was shocked by the news.
    let us pray for peace and prosperity around every corners of world.
    it would be my great time if we have chance to  sit down face to face, i have learned so much from you and i will stil have more to learn .
    take care my friend!

  10. Butch says:

    I was hauling dirt in Greece,Ny,I had only been up here a couple of months,I had listened to music in the morning most of the first couple months that I was here.A little after nine one of he other drivers working with me asked over the cb if I had heard what was going on,so I started looking for radio stations that were giving some details and I found a talk station that I\’ve listend to in the morning just about ever since.That DJ and his crew stayed on the radio almost around the clock for a couple days straight.It was a  said day in the United States but it was really said in New York state.Butch

  11. Sheila says:

    A blog of everything. Thanks for sharing your 9/11 memories, the pictures, and the great CCR song.

  12. Sheila says:

         Even more great pictures. I had to work on 9/11. It\’s not hard to imagine how busy all law enforcement agencies were on that day.

  13. Flo says:

    I had the morning off, and turned on the TV to catch a weather report, after the first tower was hit. I saw the second "live." I was stunned. It didn\’t seem real somehow. Couldn\’t be. And then the towers started coming down. And I realized, one plane hitting a building was a tragedy and possibly accidental. Two, was on purpose. What kind of people could do that? I still can\’t wrap my head around it.
    We visited Ground Zero on our trip to New York. It\’s a construction site. Lots of activity, not really somber, but you do get a feeling everyone there is purpose filled and determined. What got to me was The Sphere, or what\’s left of it, in Battery Park. You see that, and you know… It was damaged by debris falling down on it. They call it a temporary memorial. I hope they include it in the final one. I think they should. When you see pictures of what it looked like, sitting proudly in the middle of a fountain, in the courtyard, before… and see it now… you know.

  14. I says:

       The first photo makes me smile. I love it! The second one is mesmerizing.
      I can only remember that on the day of 911 all I did was sit in front of the tv with tears flowing down my face. Watching and feeling like it just couldnt be real. But…it was.
      Have a wonderful Saturday.
       xo T~

  15. Babblelot says:

    Love the photos. I remember that day so clear.Love the song too. Now the moon looks like a deep fried shroom?

  16. Sarah says:

    We were all standign around in the kitchen watching the towers come down, in horror and disbelief.  I recall my soldier son saying, "This is it.  This is war."  And he began to ready himself for what would certainly come, right or wrong.

  17. jude says:

    i had just come back from prayer and meditation at st.josephs oratory in montreal..when i got in i turned on the tele,and saw the horror……and time stopped

  18. PEP says:

    I love those two pictures in this blog. You on that wheel looks like so much fun and the picture of the moon is awesome.

  19. REDEEMER WORD says:

    Ezekiel 1:16-21 ..for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.  My father wondered about
    these scriptures, he wondered what it meant.  I believe the Lord was telling us He travels via
    transportation of the angels.  One day we have supernatural travel and want need a drop of gas.
    Anyway , you look like a kid hanging onto dear life.  And that snow plow is humongus, big dude.
     Love, ELZA

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