Early Trick or Treaters

Today I was here working on some photos and Bonnie the cat came in so naturally I scooped her up and petted her as she looked out the window. She started twitching which means she saw something so I looked and there was a moose. I said, Bonnie looke a moose! More twitching. Then another appeared and I said Look Bonnie Two Moose…twitching and cowaring. Then out stepped this young Bulll and Bonnie was off like a flash. So I spent the next while trying to get some photos from inside the house through the windows that look out into the back "yard".
Here is what I got…
Bull sniffing by the garden fence

IMGP8987 a Back Yard Visitor


IMGP8983 a Back Yard Visitor

Finally a clear shot. Hey this is frame number 9,000 on my newest camera I got in May!

IMGP9000 a Back Yard Visitor

Now that’s pretty close to an armchair safari!

A little reminder that they aren’t over there somewhere, they are here!

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21 Responses to Early Trick or Treaters

  1. Sue says:

    What a beautiful animal, wonderful picTake careSue

  2. Arctic says:

    Hi Steve,
    i want to visit you and enjoy moose watching  when we sit in cozy room,  what a incredible time just by imagine…
    i am kidding but that is a my dream to watch wildlife with friends.
    winter has be in your garden, time flies and seasons turns.

  3. Vieille Ourse says:

    That\’s pretty close …

    I assume you did not pay a visit the doctor … because of the 9000 pictures with your new camera ??? Your finger just "clicking" all the time is a normal phenomenon for the addicted photographer you are … LOL …
    Hugs from Belgium … where we had some frost this night !!!

  4. Kimmy says:

    How cool to see such a sight from your windows Steve. I guess Ms. Bonnie wasn\’t too impressed huh? And good Lord would you look at that snow! I know I\’ve missed a few posts now. Brr!Stay warm!

  5. Beth says:

    Toot, toot, lookin out my back door.  Great shots Steve, you should have CCR\’s Lookin\’ Out My Back Door playing.

  6. Rambling says:

    OH to be Bonnie…or you.  Either.  I could not be more serious.  All I have are regularly seen animals and plenty of them, yes, but a moose out my window..I should be so lucky!  BEE YOO TEE FUL shots..love!!!

  7. Terry says:

    Great shots.  What a neat thing to look out your window and see such wildlife. Don\’t care much for the snow part though, lol. 

  8. Sherry says:

    Boy I sure don\’t see things like that out of my window. Great shots!

  9. Marilyn says:

      That\’s totally AWESOME. I would love to wake to such sights every day. You are truly blessed to have such magnificent scenery right outside your window. Hope Bonnie has recouped from her fright.
      Love not only the shot but You have snow….. Personally I think your twice as blessed.
      God bless you mu friend.~Hugs~Marilyn~

  10. Cindy says:

    That\’s a big beautiful moose Steve!  Oh and thank Bonnie for spotting it for us.

  11. Patsy says:

    I love your back yard. Good job by Bonnie alerting you to the happenings in your back yard. Stay warm and have a good day. Hugs, Pat

  12. -c says:

    It\’s good to see such a healthy sheen in this boy\’s coat. The wild critter\’s in my neck o\’ the woods are showing the signs of overcrowding and their fur looks so sad.
    This guy looks ready for the winter, it amazes me how their bodies know when it\’s coming and prepare for it. Miraculous, reallly. -cindy

  13. Sheila says:

    Very cool! The pictures turned out great even though you took them through the window.

  14. Fizz says:

    You did good… those are some great photos!

  15. Babblelot says:

    How cool is that! They are big and I wonder how closethey come to your armchair. What a view. Great shots Steve.

  16. Sarah says:

    Wow, Steve, thanks for the show.  What a grand creature this is!  I can practically smell him……

  17. Flo says:

    What beautiful animals. Guess you have to watch out when you go get the mail. There might be somebody very large out there. 🙂

  18. PEP says:

    How cool is that?

  19. Shelly says:

    WOW! Amazing.  The only thing I get in my back yard is way too many glorified rats (squirrels) and the ocassionally opossum. 
    Your windows must be darn clean at all times for you to shoot photos through them.  Your cat would be so bored here! tee hee!!
    Once again Steve your photos amaze me and make me feel as though I\’m almost there. I can even feel the cold in the air.
     And please don\’t take this the wrong way as I\’m not a stalker or a threat to your beautiful bride, but you are a very handsome man.  I believe that most people like to hear things like that.  So when I see it and feel it…I say it.
    Take care and enjoy your day! And thanks for sharing such beautiful Photos with us!!

  20. nodope says:

    Them\’s some dam clean windows; great shots!

  21. Here I Am says:

    That one healthy looking animal,   You didn\’t even have to bundle up for these shots..Which are great..

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