Halloween Tale, Music, and Sunset

Igor was out looking for suitable humans as usual for Doctor Frankenstein’s experiments. He came across a terrible car crash, and examined the badly broken bodies and the identification, Mr. and Mrs. Hill. He quickly stuffed them into his van and took them directly to the Castle Frankenstein.

After several hours of frantic surgery, electrical therapy with lights flashing, the doctor declared them dead and not suitable for his use.

"Clean up the place Igor" he commanded and went to wash up, and retire to his study.

Igor turned on a bit of music and began to clean the mess up.

All of a sudden, he noticed a movement from one of the bodies, then anotherfrom the other….

Igor rushed into the study with his prominent limp and breathlessly exclaimed.

Doctor Frank…Doctor Frank!

The Hills Are Alive!

With The Sound of Music!!

Now a little music, to enjoy the sunset with!


IMGP9031 c 875

IMGP9035 875

IMGP9037 875 IMGP9040 875 IMGP9049 ac 875

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15 Responses to Halloween Tale, Music, and Sunset

  1. Cat says:

    LMAO! terrible terrible joke – the best…and POOH – da music wouldn\’t play – AND love the pattern of water under the sunset sky –

  2. Nae says:

    That was so funny!  Corny … but has me laughing!!!  Thanks for giving me a laugh tonight.
    God bless you and keep you,
    Nae  :o)

  3. Patricia says:

    Hi Steve very good blog how do you do that put everything on one blog I got a kick out of that joke silly me I guessand the music was very fitting my kind of music and those mind blowing sunsets just awesome hope you had more tricktreat then came here I think next year am turning off the lights and not spend a fortune on candy that no kids come to beg for my building must have only seniors in it now am stuck with all this candy well have a great weekend Hugs Pat

  4. Sue says:

    Hi SteveCould not get music to play,  your sunset is just beautifulTake careSue

  5. Vieille Ourse says:

    the last picture is my favorite.
    Happy Halloween to you !

  6. Babblelot says:

    That was a great story. The pictures were very bright, course so is the sun, heh.

  7. JoAnn says:

    Silly, Steve!  The story put a smile on my face but stick to what you do best!!  Beautiful sunset. 

  8. Beth says:

    Great way to lead into the song.  Your photos are great as usual.

  9. Rambling says:

    STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  UNWORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ROLLING ON THE FLOOR HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE corny stuff..love it more than anything.  I have embarrassed myself in public laughing like a braying mule at some of my friends lame jokes while out for a meal…because they hit me so funny.  Just the way I am..have a very prominent tickle bone and i love to laugh!  Good one.  Thanks for the early morning great start to my day!!  HUGS!

  10. I says:

      Hmmmm…I couldnt get the music to work. The photos are amazing as always. The Northern Lights are spetacular! I sure wish I had seen them in person when I was there in Anchorage.
       I hope your Halloween was good and your weekend even better!
      xo T~

  11. Marilyn says:

      Spectacular composition, Steve. Amazing photo. I am never disappointed when I come to visit.
      The hills are alive with a symphony of color.
      God bless my friend and I pray you and your precious family have a wnderful weekend.~Hugs~Marilyn~

  12. Sheila says:

    ROFL!!!!!!!!!! I love that story.

  13. Rhonda says:

    ahhhhhh, not only a photographer but also a story teller….just love coming here.

  14. Ann says:

    Oh my, you are a sick puppy…but a damn fine photographer.

  15. Here I Am says:

    That big sunball in stunning…Wish I could see so many sunsets..

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