Red Rubber Ball

Another sunset from the cold northland at lattitude 60.
It has been 0 to -20 here so far this year, prime for some of the meterorlogical events I love,
and I have been out enjoying the show.
Here’s one from tonight (or today really at 4pm).

IMGP0764 a Red Rubber Ball

Cook Inlet, and a reflection in the open water betwixted the ice,

can you believe the Beluga Whales are out there somewhere? Well they are.

500mm lens, on a monopod.

I was thinking of this song Red Rubber Ball whilst taking this shot,

a Pop Hit many moons ago (and sunsets too).

It’s a song about getting over, and don’t we all have memories of getting over?

Well I sure do, how about you?

Here is the song by the original artists, surprising? Yeah surprised me too

The Link:

And the version I knew many years ago!

And yes I know it doesn’t quite match the sunset gig, but hey!, get over it LOL

And the Link:

Stay warm my friends, stay warm…

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5 Responses to Red Rubber Ball

  1. Ellen says:

    Wow – yeah. Great reminder for me. Get over it! hahahaha BEAUTIFUL sunset, Steve 🙂

  2. JaeElle says:

    Love this sunset! Don\’t know how you can handle the -20 temps. It\’s in the 30\’s here, at night. Way to cold for me!!I remember Cyrcle and the song Red Rubber Ball. Thanks for the memories.

  3. puzzle says:

    fantastic picture and nice to remember this song.

  4. Pat says:

    That is going back a bit; I remember learning that song in primary school! The lyrics – apart from "red rubber ball"! – (and melody) do sound very Simon and Garfunkel.Easy to stay warm here – getting too hot is the problem.

  5. Carol says:

    I wanted to visit someone who is colder than we are! I always loved that song… my era too.

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