Chance Encounter, a Lovely Lady

I was at the high point of my hike up the mountain, concerned a bit about getting back down safely, always the most dangerous part, and after all I am almost 54 years old I kept telling myself. I was about a thousand feet above my pickup on some very steep ground. I looked over the last rocky rise and here was a Dall Sheep Ewe laying and watching the scenery, about 40 yards away! So I sat down on the cold rock scraped by the glaciers of another age, and in the cold wind of the moment, and got in my pack, first putting my coat back on over my sweatshirt, then getting out the 500mm. She seemed completely unconcerned with my presence. She is probably pregnant and will give birth in 3-4 months. Well I didn’t stay long, I was cooling down fast. I went back down and found her tracks which led me on a much safer route than I had climbed up. A very nice encounter, I feel like I owe her really, for the expert trail she blazed for me, and the dignity she let me share of such a wild creature.

IMGP1355 a Lovely Lady

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17 Responses to Chance Encounter, a Lovely Lady

  1. Pat says:

    Your lucky sheep! Glad you got down safely. Do take care – we don\’t want to lose our Alaskan photographer.

  2. Sue says:

    She beautiful, she looks so peacefulGlad your back safeTake careSue

  3. Rhonda says:

    How wonderful…she looks so peaceful and content. Glad you made it back safe and sound!Hugs

  4. kïrstin says:

    what a thrill! the best part being that she didnt just run off. how is it you have so much light to work with this? i thought it was dark during the peak of winter – but ive not been to alaska yet.kïrstin☼

  5. jude says:

    nice! hugs rom montreal….

  6. JoAnn says:

    How wonderful is that? Glad she blazed a departing trail for you! Oh, to be 54 again!

  7. Patsy says:

    Trail blazers, thats you and the Dall Sheep Ewe. Love this shot and thanks for sharing it. You know the 50\’s is the new 30\’s?? Go Steve. Have a great week. Pat

  8. Beth says:

    Great shot!

  9. Cindy says:

    Great picture. I\’ve got to wonder how they can survive just eating that brown grass, but of course they do. You\’re so lucky to be out in just a sweatshirt! I thought Alaska was cold? Hey and where\’s the snow in that picture? I know, you\’re having a heat wave…lucky you!

  10. Sherry says:

    She\’s a beauty! I was wondering the same thing Cindy is…where\’s the snow?

  11. Rambling says:

    As always I liked the photo but I liked the thought that went with it..internalized and the one told to us as we read it.

  12. Vieille Ourse says:

    Great picture and wonderful encounter. I always feel priviledge when I see an animal in the wild (saw my first roe herd – 3 of them – just this afternoon) … and it is certain that they will take the safest route as their live depends on it and they also have to spend the minimum of energy in such hard places as Alaska !Hugs from Belgium,Katia

  13. Here I Am says:

    Great photo This is the best wildlife photos chance encounter. They are saying here I am take a memory of me to share…

  14. Dianne says:

    Awe! Who would have thought that you would find such a pretty lady in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain and that she would help you find a safe way home. Awesome photo and I am gald you made it safely down the mountain. Thankyou for sharing this very special moment with all of us. 🙂

  15. Babblelot says:

    What an exciting find. She is so pretty and such a nice pose. Good thinking to follow her path down. 54 is young my friend. Don\’t under estimate yourself. Thanks for sharing this experience. great picture.

  16. Darryl says:

    You just have to love that late afternoon sun. And that pose looks so relaxed. Great shot.

  17. Sarah says:

    What a cutie, and I love that you gave her thanks, saw her \’sacredness\’. But then you see this in all things. What a beautiful world. What a fine thing to be in it, and have eyes to see. Thanks, Steve!

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