The Land of Beyond

From Tonight, the Northern Glow

IMGP1646 a Northern Glow

The Land of Beyond

A Robert Service Poem

Have you ever heard of the Land of Beyond,
   That dream at the gates of the day?
Alluring it lies at the skirts of the skies,
   And ever so far away;
Alluring it calls: O ye yoke of galls,
   And ye of the trails overfond,
With saddle and pack, by paddle and track,
   Let’s go to the Land of Beyond!

Have ever you stood where the silences brood,
   And vast the horizons begin,
At the dawn of the day to behold far away
   The goal you would strive for and win?
Yet ah! in the night when you gain to the height,
   With the vast pool of heaven star-spawned,
Afar and agleam, like a valley of dream,
   Still mocks you the Land of Beyond.

Thank God! there is always the Land of Beyond
   For us who are true to the trail;
A vision to seek, a beckoning peak,
   A fairness that never will fail;
A proud in our soul that mocks at a goal,
   A manhood that irks at a bond,
And try how we will, unattainable still,
   Behold it, our Land of Beyond!


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17 Responses to The Land of Beyond

  1. Cat says:

    I do believe I\’m going there…

  2. catamaran says:

    If i had wings to fly…i could go wherever i wanted to….

  3. Polly says:

    The Land of Beyond is new to me, I love it, sounds like perfection, the ideal focus of a day. Is that where the sun sets? The poem and your picture are inspiring. You\’ve reminded me what to look and work for from the start of each day. Thank you.

  4. Rambling says:

    A Clear Midnightby: Walt Whitman This is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thoulovest best.Night, sleep, and the stars. From "Leaves of Grass", 1900

  5. JoAnn says:

    Steve, I\’d like to say you\’ve outdone yourself but as sure as I did, you\’d top it tomorrow. I\’ve never heard this poem before and thoroughly enjoyed it. It matches your photo perfectly.

  6. Beth says:

    The poem is perfect and the colors in the photo are magnificent. Lovely!!

  7. Kimmy says:

    I\’ve never heard this one before. Nice similarities between poem and photo! I\’ll join you in the land of beyond. 🙂

  8. Aliya says:

    its looks n feel so megical…….just amazingGOD BLESSED U

  9. Rhonda says:

    Absolutely stunning Steve and the words couldn\’t be more fitting.Hugs

  10. Lyn says:

    Perfect poem for a for you, always going to the Land Beyond for another perfect picture. Thanx Lyn

  11. Evelyn says:

    Beautiful Poem, Beautiful Photograph. Thanks, Evie

  12. Sue says:

    Morning Steve, The word are so beautiful, and the pic\’s wow it just Wonderful i can believe the colour\’s i see in your pic\’sThank you for showing usTake careSue

  13. Here I Am says:

    Looks like a UFO coming to take you to the lands beyond our world…Very unusually sunset..Loved the poems. I too always want to know whats over the next hill or around the next bend. Yes the land of Beyond we always try to reach.. Thanks for sharing..

  14. KingfisherRaven says:

    Lovey poem Steve and great picture as always thats your trademark thanx for sharing !

  15. Sarah says:

    And yet, that Peace is right here, the deepest part of each of us. Being on Earth makes it hard to \’see\’. Your photographs bring it close, looking just past the colors…..

  16. JaeElle says:

    Beautiful picture and beautiful poem. Makes a lovely post. Thank you!

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