Ridge Runner

Contrast of the near rock face and snow covered peak drew me to this Chugach Mountain scene.
Both blown by savage winter winds but with different results.

IMGP2274 a Ridges

This happens alot to me along the cliffs of Turnagain Arm.

I see an eagle and by the time I can stop and get the camera ready they are gone.

At least I got this one shot this time!

I see this ridge runner and it’s mate on a regular basis.

These Bald Eagles have binocular vision and can see detail from amazing distances.

500mm lens


IMGP2258 a Fleeting Glimpse

Hope you are all doing great space friends!

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10 Responses to Ridge Runner

  1. LAIRD says:

    beautiful and majestic birds – far more awesome than the pigeons I can see through the window here.

  2. Vieille Ourse says:

    Thanks for these (wintry) beautiful images, Steve ! Getting very close to Spring in Belgium : lots of snowdrops in the forests, pussywillows, no snow left of course … and the birds chatting and singing to establish their territories and … find a companion !Have a nice day + Hugs,Katia

  3. Rambling says:

    That has to be my favorite bird of them all. And outside of a zoo, I have never seen one. They are here in my State but not plentiful as they are in the more northern ones.

  4. Maro says:

    Beautiful photos. I love the contrast in the 2 mountain peaks. It\’s amazing the effect that nature has on the landscape. I am a lover of hawks, but think the Bald Eagle is one of the most majestic creatures that God has created. On the upper Mississippi they are in abundance and with some of the most spectacular photos waiting to be captured. Hope you have a wonderful wee.~Hugs~Maro~

  5. PEP says:

    Great contrast.

  6. Sarah says:

    Binocular vision, now that is very cool! Super powers! REgarding the rock that holds no snow–I wonder if it may be a property of the rock that it holds heat better or for some unknown reason stays bare……..I see the face of the other mountain–that appears to be facing the same direction, so would get the same sun exposure– has snow……….

  7. Michelle says:

    Majestic….Grace to youshell

  8. Rhonda says:

    To soar like an eagle…can you imagine. What a great shot!The rock face photo is fascinating…I wonder if it is the winds or the exposure to the sun.Take care!

  9. Sheila says:

    This reminds me of how I had hoped to get an eagle here in New Bern a time ago. I still hope for it, though not as actively. Quick hands, sharp eyes and nerves of steel, that\’s what it takes Steve to capture and tame in a photograph something so wild as your eagle. This is one that didn\’t get away, and wasn\’t meant for you keep to yourself!l and h from the flatlands

  10. elizabeth says:

    love the mountain pic.bb. xx

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