Good Hair Day

A yearling Dall Sheep lamb on his Chugach Mountain home.

IMGP1938 a Good Hair Day!

Taken February 9, 240mm focal length, ISO 1600, F 8.0, 1/180 sec

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12 Responses to Good Hair Day

  1. Sue says:

    oh he so cute, i want onetake careSue

  2. Arctic says:

    what a cute shot!i also like your new profile photo Steve, Yes skiing season is comming and seems new fun is just waving to you now:)

  3. Karolyn says:

    oh so cute! completely white and black eyes.

  4. m60a3 says:

    Are you watching him or is he watching you. Great shot PeaceMark

  5. Rambling says:

    Is that a girl one, or a youngster?

  6. Kuskulana says:

    I believe it\’s a he, a one year old (maybe not quite, they are born in April or May).

  7. Sherry says:

    He\’s beautiful Steve!

  8. Jill says:

    love it!

  9. Robinson says:

    A very good hair day indeed? Just visiting,take care Natalie R.

  10. morgan says:

    That\’s so funny. Reminds me of a show that \’pet psychic\’ did with a lama that liked to wear colorful scarves, they did a study of a few animal species that showed those adorned with something unusual and colorful (scarf, hat, colorful paint splotch) were more attractive to the opposite sex.

  11. Dianne says:

    Awe, so adorable. Great shot Steve. 🙂

  12. Here I Am says:

    Steve this is a beauty the contrast with the white and browns and hints or orange.

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