Grand Lady, Smile For Me

Another photo from yesterday’s hike.
This was a clear case of not knowing what I had until I took some time with the images later.
I had zoomed out slightly, which I think helped, and varied other settings slightly.
Just another approach, which I try to do, I missed her little grin at the time though.
About the lens cap, yes I was pleased to just lose it,
and even more pleased that my filter was not damaged, let alone the lens.
I carry a polarizer on this lens most the time, which did add some effect to these photos,
since I had placed myself so the Ewe, me and the sun made roughly a 90 degree angle.

IMGP2674 a Grand Lady, Smile For Me

F8, 420mm, 1/500, ISO 1600

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8 Responses to Grand Lady, Smile For Me

  1. Suki x says:

    What a little beautySuki x

  2. Robinson says:

    She is surely a "Grand Lady" this is so neat. Steve; would you kindly send me another eagle to my post or whatever. The one you send me last Easter dissappeared. My very best regards to you for a very pleasant weekend! hugs1

  3. Rambling says:

    I like this picture even better. That expression does seem as though she was smiling.I wpuld be devestated if anything happened to a lens or filter. Especially a lens. Whew. That made me think yesterday when I read your experience on the mountyain.Guess what I have today? My new lens. It makes the camera feel much heavier of course and there is a lens hood. It is raining to beat the band so I am standing by.You must have lower light levels this time of year maybe, outside? I see the ISO is ususlly on the higher side. I am not exactly Mrs. Know Stuff though. 🙂

  4. Horst says:

    Great shot Steve.

  5. elizabeth says:

    nice one steve. take care out there.hugs, bb. xxx

  6. Sue says:

    I like the first on but this one really good she smillling at youshe just beautifulTake caresue

  7. Joachim says:

    I think, you had a luckiely moment for your photo. What would you find this anymal, if you can taked this phantastic photo? I self have of my webside an album with anymals of germany.Joachim Busch, Lübeck, Germany

  8. Cat says:

    non humans find us so amusing I think when we\’re not threatening them

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