Hard and Soft

That is what training is to me, I learned the concept while studying Shotokan Karate, many years ago.
It takes a balance of the two to develop in any discipline, a ying and yang.
Some things cross various boundaries, this concept I think crosses many in life, hard and soft.
This title came to me when I visuallized this cascading water and the soft vegetation framing the hard rock.
I had just finished my last training run two days ago, before the race tomorrow.
I had trained as hard as this body could take, and was in a mellow mood afterwards.

IMGP4145 a Hard and Soft

Rest day today, what meaning that has to me! Once it was to simply take a hike,

rather than climb another pitch up a rock face. Take in some sights, kick back a bit, but be active.

An escape if you will, trying not to get too keyed up over the next day’s adventure

(something that is a real challange to me).

In that way it is no different now, and besides work and training, I have been busy getting out,

escaping the rigor, and yes seeing and experiencing the hard and soft of the routine.

This next shot was today at lunch.

This little flower is one of my favorites, The Bog Star, or Grass of Parnassus

 IMGP4151 a Bog Star, Grass of Parnassus

Also out are the little mosquitoes, they are fast and hungry,

and they made me pay in blood for that shot (laughing).

Blessings to all, may you have enough hard to make you strong enough,

and enough soft to rest and reflect.



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5 Responses to Hard and Soft

  1. Arctic says:

    you are right, a ying and yang balance principle is almost applicable with every disciplines, no matter social or biosystems. good luck! have fun and bring back trophy in tomorrow\’s race. my friend.

  2. Rambling says:

    Your last lines were meaningful to me as that has been my life generally speaking. I have undoubetedly had the hard things that made me very strong and the soft as well to balance and rest me. I had not thought of it in the way you just wrote but you are right. And like you, I would not have it any other way. Flickr was not kind yesterday when I tried to access your photos. I saw this beauty, the Bog Star and the hour glass turned and turned when I tried going there. Today will be better I know. I will be standing by for the results of the race. Your mantle, I hope, will be groaning with all the tropheys now that you have begun so well.

  3. kïrstin says:

    being of an artistic temperment, i appreciate balance. i hadnt thought about the balance between hard and soft, but its intriguing. i was needing some inspiration, ah. God created balance in all His works. look at the grasses and see the balance of reds and greens there.got me thinking now …kïrstin☼

  4. Fizz says:

    It seems to me that the green of the vegetation is much greener in the north where there are seasons… The green just pops!

  5. Here I Am says:

    Yes it hard not to burn all your energy up with the excitement of a coming competions. Focusing on the soft things does help to relax. The mosquiters are making photographing not so fun. My hands are chewed up as I wear no sprays. Bites last only a couple hours then gone…

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