All Fired Up

Quite a remarkable week for me photo wise and otherwise.
Here are a few photo scenes;
When Mountains Fly…
a superior mirage puts up layers of enchantment in the form of mountain scenes floating above the horizon

IMGP4181 a When Mountains Fly

Mists of Fire Light

 IMGP4184 a Misty Mountains

The Lookout Tree…

A lone tree high in the Chugach Mountains is sentinel as natural filters turn the sunset  to fire, 

bathing the city of Anchorage Alaska.

IMGP4186 a The Lookout Tree

Yesterday I did my 5K run, well I must of been fired up,

it was a personal best and first one under 30 minutes at 28:39.9

There are a lot of factors in dropping more than 5 minutes off of a 30 minute event,

a beginner finding his pace, training, cross training, resting, great coaching, learning from past events etc.

I have received a lot of encouragement from my space friends and that is much appreciated also, thank you!

I never listen to music during any outing, I need all my senses in play, but I do play music before and after.

Then when I run, bike whatever I play it back as needed to help pace myself and get me through.

Here is one that has the ingredients I like, a good driving beat, energy and power.

Crank It Up! >>>>>All Fired Up

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14 Responses to All Fired Up

  1. PEP says:

    Congratulations on your run!!! There is a saying "luck comes to those who are prepared" well you were well prepared for this race and lucky to be in the right place at the right time prepared with the right equipment to caputure just the right shots.

  2. Fizz says:

    The 3rd photo is my personal favorite… I love the shadow effect on the skyline… Great job on that 5 minutes… you\’re doin\’ good!

  3. Leona says:

    I came over form Pep\’s. Your "All fired up" got me curious…I posted on the same thing recently. Your photos are magnificent, but #3 is truly awesome! These are great photos and a really good post. Congratulations on the run!

  4. Rhonda says:

    I just can\’t take my eyes off the photos. The mirrage that forms the mountain like shapes is amazing and the tree against the firelit sky…amazing! Great job on your 5k and perfect song!Hugs

  5. Patsy says:

    Good job on the 5K and your photos are great as usual. I loved the music. Take care, Hugs, Pat

  6. Rambling says:

    You go! What a race and such fabulously good time. A personal best for you and oh the joy in that. Congratulations, Steve. Well done. The photos are terrific. I have run out of superlatives but you know I think they are just the best!

  7. m60a3 says:

    Hello there my friend, that is quite the feat. Rock on with your bad self….LOL a little phrase from my past… Many years ago when I found myself at MCRD San Diego, Ca. I found out the hard way the being a farmer did not make me a great runner. At the end of basic, we ran then what was called a PFT a basic phiscal training course. push-ups sit-ups and that kind of stuff. But at the end of everything was the "killer" a three mile run, in boots and utes. You where allowed 27 min to finnish. I did it in 21 flat. I was feeling "full of myself" and then the series high runner left me in the dust 15 min flat. It was like a drug my mind and body I think could have kept going, but then the "high\’ wore off and so did my breakfast…LOL thanks for the memories…PeaceMark

  8. Sue says:

    Well done on the 5kGreat pic\’sTake careSue

  9. kïrstin says:

    what a magical land this iskïrstin☼

  10. Here I Am says:

    These 3 photo are just exceptional. The 1st with all the gray colors and such balance in them all then to catch such a scene truly beautiful. The next love the darker at botton and top with the fury of color between. The 3rd. I had read Marks poem on it just earlier and was excited to see what he had written about. The contrast between the city and the tree bring such balance to such a glowing photo. You are in the groove right now. Go with it…

  11. Greg says:

    Good evening Steve…Good job on the run. I miss being able run. It was once my getaway and stress relief when I was living life at 100 mph all the time.When mountains fly is a very cool shot.Have a nice weekend…Greg

  12. Dianne says:

    Congratulations Steve on your 5K. Your photos capture the breathtaking views of Alaska with such excellence that you strive for in your life. Thanks for the John Wayne quote. It made me smile big time. :)Hugs from Ontario 🙂

  13. Sanjana says:

    congratulation on the 5K. Alaska is stunningly beautiful…………………

  14. Brenda says:

    STEVE, THIS PICTURE COMPLETES ME echhhh! BUT TRUE – YOUR THE MAN!Bp.s im getting better with this pc, go figure!

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