Fire Light

Took a photo walk in the alpine last night, with tripod and all.
For you, ahem, people on the plains, or should I say non mountain people?
(hope that came out right, the terms lower or flat or way down there just doesn’t seem right)
Alpine is higher than the tree line, and higher than the brush line. Only little things live here.
It is open and you can see forever when not in clouds or a storm.
Glorious on a good day, frightfull on a bad day.
Anyway this was a rare Alaska day when the sun felt hot on my skin,
and I had a nice time hiking a steep trail, setting up the tripod and shooting macro shots.
This one though I spotted and was taken as I was leaving in the truck.
Just got back out sat down right in the gravel road, and used me as a brace.
I could have just skipped the hike to get this, glad I didn’t though.

IMGP4263 a All Lit Up

Gotta love that light that goes right through.

More later….

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9 Responses to Fire Light

  1. Sue says:

    This is just a wonderful pic, the colours are beautifulHave good weekend Take careSue

  2. catamaran says:

    A beautiful alpine flower,and the sunlight makes them even better…have a nice day…Dorthy.

  3. m60a3 says:

    Steve, you have a kind soul, it is seen every time you click your shutter. Your heart be like that of your mountains, there for all to see; yet what they see be different and that is part of you too. The picture of the flower is a picture, not of the flower but of the light that is part of you; while others see the flower and its beauty. What you see my friend is its creation in that which is your lens..Peace to YouMark

  4. Vieille Ourse says:

    Love that light indeed … WOW … beautiful macro …Thanks + nice week-end to you + hugs,Katia

  5. PEP says:

    Yes, I love it

  6. Rhapsody says:

    Well where i am from can be classified as the mountains and I was born there. Now of course i am here, the non-mountainous plains of Toronto (lol, lol, lol). Nice shot.

  7. Here I Am says:

    The beauty without all the extra stuff. Beautiful color and lighting. I should use a tripod for more shots but just never have it with me. I have been using it more off the deck for wildlife and has help my wildlife photos be a bit more clearer. I guess I should post them one day. Haven\’t had time for posting so just put an albumn up and did a blog on my mountain bike outing a few weeks ago. Life is very busy now..

  8. Karen says:

    Nature sure gives us some amazing colors and beauty! Lovely details of these flowers, with the shadows and light!

  9. Jana says:

    what a beauty you can find in the alpine! wow!

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