High Tide…Coastal Grasslands

A shot tonight from the same place as my last blog.
This illustrates the extreme tides here (about 30 feet vertical between extreme low tide and high tide).
Geeze I could put my kayak in right along the roadside!

IMGP5969 a High Tide Coastal Grasslands

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11 Responses to High Tide…Coastal Grasslands

  1. Tatyana says:

    how beautiful… and relaxing:)

  2. Sue says:

    This is just a beautiful picture, it looks so peacefulHope you have a good weekend atke careSue

  3. Pat says:

    Wow! -after looking at the previous photo.I would not want to be a grasshopper living there.

  4. Here I Am says:

    Wow what a difference the tide can make. Even in the whole look of the photo. Love that golden reflection. Needs a little adjusting I keep having to tilt my head. Hugs from the Sunflowers they see you have plenty to keep you happy up in Alaska.

  5. Rambling says:

    Absolutely breathtaking photograph and scene. I would like to paint this.

  6. Greg says:

    Time for a Saturday morning stroll to Alaska…Thanks for sharing the sun-dog. 30 foot tide…Geesh!I like Falls Gold. The Fall Season is almost like a time that tells us to prepare to wrap up another year and prepare to bundle up too…Safe travels Steve…Greg

  7. Life's Like A Beach says:

    This is a beautiful sunset Steve…wow. Your kayak missed a great opportunity. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing. May Peace & Blessings Be with you…footprints

  8. Kuskulana says:

    Carrie, I didn\’t even notice the horizon is a half a bubble off 🙂

  9. john says:

    The moon has a good influence up there, tugging and pushing the water abouts. I thought you were showing the northpole curvuture with the tilt. BTW great pic.

  10. DeVärga says:

    I like it so much nice pic.

  11. Rhonda says:

    What an amazing shot…perfect light!

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