A Rare View in these parts, a Great Blue Heron, from one of my walks during my lunch hour from work.
IMGP6715 Great Blue Heron


Mount Redoubt steams off in the distance over the salt marsh of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge,

Rabbit Creek Alaska. This is a 2 frame panorama.

Pan 90-91 875 Refuge

From Crosby Stills Nash and Young – Clear Blue Skies

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24 Responses to Refuge

  1. Arctic says:

    you are lucky enough Steven to have chances to get some nice shoot even on the way back home from work.the color in the second one is so cozy!

  2. Babblelot says:

    Very nice photo of the heron. He looks cold. The panorama is so calming and beautiful.

  3. puzzle says:

    the heron looks like carved from the stone – thank you for the music. 🙂

  4. Pat says:

    Great photos (as always!)That heron looks distinctly angry…

  5. diane says:

    I can tell my age, I remember that song! God has blessed you my friend with an awesome gift of capturing beauty!

  6. Rambling says:

    You know, Diana Troupe said it all right there! Her comment was encompassing and complete.

  7. Jacque says:

    Interesting the emotions that are evoked by the photo of the heron.Diane, my sentiments exactly!Have a great day!!

  8. Fizz says:

    Love the Blue Heron… they are just stunning!

  9. Flo says:

    I\’ve seen Blue Heron here in Florida, but had no idea they ranged so far. Great pics.

  10. Dianne says:

    Dianne dsphotocats(Offline)wrote: Hi Steve, I just had to come by and say hello and check out your rare find you captured on your break. I have never seen a Blue Heron look so miserable. I wonder if he somehow got lost or disorientated. He looks like he is frozen in time and maybe hungry too. Maybe you should put him on a plane going south. 🙂 Great capture.Love the panorama too. Very Beautiful indeed.Hope all is well up there in Alaska.Hugs from OntarioDianne 🙂

  11. jude says:

    for cryin out loud!!!!!!a walk at lunch time!!!!how cool is that..hugs from montreal chere…

  12. elizabeth says:

    beautiful golden picture steve and lovely song, hugs from me to you, xxx

  13. Sue says:

    Great pictures SteveHope you have a good week Take careSue

  14. Grandpa Dewey says:

    First off thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.When I lived on the Easteren Shore of Maryland, The blue heron was called the "Easteren Shore poop bird." They would fly down a scoop up water etc then, well you can see where it got its name. Great photos, brings back some good memories.

  15. Valerie says:

    Hey Steve and to all,This is just Great and Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have a Great and Wonderful Day Everyone, Bye-Bye and see you!!!…

  16. Barbara says:

    Wonderful photos Steve.

  17. Rambling says:

    Can you tell us about salt marshes? I have wondered many times when I heard the term.

  18. Donna says:

    Thanks for the compliment were you talking about the Rabbit or me, LOL! I love that shot of the Great Blue Heron, they are quite common in British Columbia but not in Saskatchewan where I grew up. I love the 2 frame Sunset.Take care,Donna

  19. I says:

    What a wonderful experiance to be able to photograph the blue heron! Love the orange shades of colors in the bottom photo.

  20. Kuskulana says:

    The salt marsh reference pertains to lands inundated by the salt water of the sea Rambling.This is a concept that is simple when you live amongst the extreme tides here, but difficult to explain to someone not used to such phenomena. I will attempt to do so in an upcoming blog. Great request btw

  21. Rambling says:

    Looking forward to the voice of experience. Seriously.

  22. Cat says:


  23. Rhonda says:

    So glad I stopped by to catch up; I always leave with a smile. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

  24. Here I Am says:

    Love your heron. Mine here is getting more use to me and letting me get nearer to it. One day he was sitting on the rail near our bridge and I hated to disturb him but had to cross the bridge. He let me get within 12 feet. But of course I didn\’t have my camera in hand. But I did get some great shots of him near the beaver pond one day. Hugs Carrie

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