Caught In The Moment (of Seasons)

Recently I met with a few friends for food and photography at a local recreation area.
I took this before the other folks arrived, and called it Caught In The Moment,
the Autumn leaves caught by the branches accross McHugh Creek.

IMGP6504 a Caught In The Moment

Later in the evening, when it was so dark I had to shine my headlamp onto a leaf to focus my lens….

When only the highest energy light get’s through, the blue, the longest wave lengths

I love this color shifting that is all around us though we only can see it through extension of time…

IMGP6516 ac Caught In The Moment II


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13 Responses to Caught In The Moment (of Seasons)

  1. puzzle says:

    I always wonder how the use of a camera can shows us the way our eyes and brain look at things always "correcting" to make sense to us, not to reality. ^^ They both look beautiful; emotionally, I would prefer the colours of the \’golden\’ picture.

  2. Arctic says:

    keeping trying and comparing, that is the other part of fun of photography! nice week Steve!

  3. Vieille Ourse says:

    Well done Steve ! I like them both …Enjoy the week-end for taking even more pictures,Hugs,Katia

  4. Rambling says:

    I would never in the world have thought of the light in order to focus in those conditions. I love the darker rendition. I love them both but the blue cast is my fave.

  5. Rhapsody says:

    Nice….I hope your week was good and I wish you and excellent weekend. As usual thanks for sharing your eyes on the world. Peace.

  6. I says:

    Very unique!

  7. john says:

    an engineer reading the wave lengths…good pics

  8. Babblelot says:

    Pretty cool. To me I thought it looked like Mother Nature\’s spirit at work.

  9. Patsy says:

    Steve you do such a great job at capturing Mother Nature. Your photos are just wonderful. I know you are not looking forward to snow, but I can\’t wait to see pictures of your moose that visits your yard every year. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Patsy

  10. Cat says:

    sigh – so beautiful…so very beautiful

  11. Karolyn says:

    So beautiful!I\’m in North America for a couple of months, first time I can see the autumn colours. The yellow, orange, red are deeper, lighter, I don\’t know what… even in French I don\’t know what is exactly the difference, but the colours are different than in Europe.

  12. Rhonda says:

    Awesome work here my friend, as always!

  13. Here I Am says:

    Oh this is so cool. Amazing the different color at night..

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