Turnagain Two Step

I was watching this Dall Sheep Ewe right above me and a few feet off to my left.
She had her left front foot in front of the right and had to reposition it as shown, hence the Two Step part of the title.
It is amazing to watch them move, they slip fairly frequently but they are only little slips, and usually with only one foot, keeping a 3 point balance, which is the golden rule of technical climbing. They push the edge constantly, and are equiped to do so.
The Chugach Mountains are some of the most treacherous steeps on earth due to rotten rock and unstable snow and ice. It is surprising how much debris they knock off the steep places, I was ready to reposition had she got too close to directly above me! My climbing helmet is now in my truck awaiting the next steep adventure.
Turnagain Arm, Chugach Mountains Alaska (the other part of the title)

KSP_1077 a Turnagain Two Step

Their feet are very small for their size, and they have soft pads rather than hard hooves.

This, along with their seemingly perfect balance, equates to very sure footing up on the rocks,

Sticky Feet if you will, like what rock climbers aspire to, sticky feet and balance.

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5 Responses to Turnagain Two Step

  1. Horst says:

    Yes, they are amazing.

  2. Fizz says:

    You can tell that their feet are different. They look like they\’re soft pads rather than hard hooves… Well done, I never would have seen something like this with out these photos

  3. Greg says:

    Hi Steve…I just pulled out some Jack London books and thought I would come by for a visit.Glad I did…Pretty amazing with those Dall Sheep right above you and that sunset…Wow!I can see how you have fallen in love with Alaska. Ho-Ho-Ho!!!Be well and safe travels…GregHow about that Idaho Vandals football team this year…Up next – Bowling Green in Boise.

  4. PEP says:

    I see you are taking lessons.

  5. Rhonda says:

    What balance…mother nature gives all the gifts her creatures need to survive.

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