Eternal Confidence

A photo I took back in August of last year.
It is the name of this good ship, a Panamax class (the largest that can get through the Panama Canal).
It is a good name considering she has to ply the Gulf of Alaska, maybe the meanest place on earth wave wise.

IMGP4972 a Eternal Confidence


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9 Responses to Eternal Confidence

  1. Pat says:

    "Panamax class" – nice to learn about that. Great shot as always.You probably recall my post about my time on the Gulf of Alaska – I know it can get a lot rougher than in your photo!

  2. Sue says:

    Love the pic, the thing i love most about where i live is seeing the ship come and go,They are great to watchTake careSue

  3. kïrstin says:

    i love ships. used to watch them coming and going in columbia bay in astoria oregon when i lived there. they use the columbia river to reach portland.k☼

  4. Flo says:

    I love the colors in this, with the mountains in the background. Very nice.

  5. J says:

    Beautiful shot Steve. Eternal Confidence, what a concept, framed by the majestic mountains who themselves only stand by God\’s grace.

  6. Life's Like A Beach says:

    The clarity & viewing is spectacular. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. DeVärga says:

    Nice Catch, well don Colors Light is gorgeous.

  8. PEP says:

    Nice shot. Looks like there is a bridge at the top there.

  9. Cat says:

    she looks fragile…

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