Northern Cross

I named this photo thinking about a song I really like.
Unlike the artists, CSN&Y I have some differences.
I have not ever spent a day in jail,
I have never been sailing on a sail boat,
I do however relate to nautical terms, I have spent time on the waters of Alaska
I have not travelled the world,


I understand things like bigger truths
I can relate to this music, it has the adventure spirit for one,
I have certainly fallen many times, and I certainly am a searcher.
I don’t have to respect the artist as a person to enjoy their work.
I have to to respect the work to enjoy it.
Know what I mean?
Anyway I like the music,
My photo seemed to go along.

KSP_1859 Northern Cross

When I see certain things, I simply know why I came here

The song, Southern Cross

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9 Responses to Northern Cross

  1. Pat says:

    Good song, great shot. Try not to do too much more falling – older bones and all that.I think that you may have just about found what you were searching for…

  2. puzzle says:

    there\’s a big fat Panda bear named "Pickles" sitting and devouring the music …. this time, I cannot listen 😦 but the image is beautiful in silence.

  3. Patsy says:

    You picked a great place and with all your photos I understand why. I especially love this shot. Take care Hugs

  4. Terry says:

    They do seem to compliment each other. Love this photo.

  5. brook says:

    Hey Steve. It\’s been a long time since I was here. It was nice to see your pictures…you are still taking the most breath taking photos. I hope all is well…?

  6. Babblelot says:

    I\’ve been a fan of Crosby Stills and Nash with sometimes Young since their beginning. Your photo is truly amazing.

  7. Jacque says:

    I totally know what you mean by respecting the lifestyle choices of an artist and respecting the music.I\’ve always loved the voices of Madonna and now Lady Gaga. "Paparazzi" kept playing in my head while I was painting in CA!They have voices of angels.I thought of you when I met a young man on the plane home from CA yesterday. He was traveling from wine country north of San Francisco, heading to Cancun from MN on an open ended ticket, eventually checking back in with his family in the midwest, and had been to Alaska studying organic horticulture. He was very interesting!Love the picture… and the music…Take care!

  8. angelic says:

    beautiful pic

  9. Cat says:

    been meaning to & just did post this tonight -"…Children, the wind in leavesfeeds firegives you dreamsand wordsto move your lives…Look, little onesall the places are holy…"Linda HoganChickasaw

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