After The Storm

When I took these was after one front had moved through.
Now there is another one on us and it is snowing again.
I don’t mind really, since I started clearing snow in the driveway by hand it provides a good physical workout.
I just have to be flexible enough to use the opportunity and also stay healthy enough to do the heavy lifting when needed. So far so good, and hey!
I’ll be skiing on that snow soon enough!
Up here you love it, leave it, or turn into a miserable wretch.
There are lot’s of us who love it. lot’s who have left it, and too many of the last bunch.
Of course there are too many of that last bunch anywhere go you.
There is stuff on Flickr about Sowmegeddin, and even the head democrat Obama is congratulating his fellow eastern political buddies on making it to the meetings in DC where the news says they got slammed with snow.
I looked at the pics and just have to shake my head 
I gotta love it 🙂


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11 Responses to After The Storm

  1. Dianne says:

    Wonderful Video, Steve. I enjoyed the view. Thanks for sharing it. Glad you love it and never left it because I for one enjoy your photography and view. Glad you didn\’t turn into a miserable wretch either. :)Hugs from Ontario, CanadaDianne 🙂

  2. Jacque says:

    Hey Steve,Love your photography!And I have ALWAYS LOVED snow!!!!!!Snowmobiling, skiing, sledding, skating, making snowmen, etc. (Being dressed properly, of course!)Sitting inside all nice and cozy as the wind howls and blows the snow in swirls all around. I do like having electricity, though.Just love it!Once several years ago we even had snow the end of May! Didn\’t last but a day. We even had 80 degrees in December before! Crazy Minnesota weather! hahahahaHugs from the south!

  3. john says:

    Been where snowfall is measured in feet, inches is the rate per hour. Don\’t say much about the cold, either dress for it or stay inside. Temps would be in the -40\’sF and highs 0 degrees F. Learn to live with it. Been in snowstorms in July in the high mountain ranges. The people grasp at anything to exagerate any more, so true Steve.Love to watch the wind sculpt the snow, great pics.

  4. Pat says:

    It looked very cold. Glad you made it home.On another subject, big solar flare or some such on the sun recently – should be great northern lights on about 10 Feb – have your camera ready!

  5. kïrstin says:

    im in the \’love it\’ catagory! nice flick, stave :)k☼

  6. Greg says:

    Good day Steve…That song, “Southern Cross” takes me back to the days (80‘s). The amazing thing is that I was into that song while on business for weeks next to Death Valley, in California. As matter of fact…While I continue my comment my earplugs are in and will take a listen at Grooveshark. Thanks!You folks would absolutely laugh at our snow days here in Branson. Having another snow day on this Monday too…But nothing like around our nations capitol.A lot of us have been hunkered down this winter. And to think I used to ski below high ridges like you shared in the Wasatch.Be well and safe travels…Greg

  7. Fizz says:

    Lookin\’ good!

  8. T says:

    Windy but nature looks wonderful after the storm.Let is snow … I love it. :-)Hug,T

  9. Vic says:

    Hey Steve. I hope you,re keeping warm up there. We\’ve been getting a bit of wind ourselves. Nothing like what you show in this video though. Yes, I finally made an appearance here on Spaces. Wow, I need to update my page. There are some spectacular ones.

  10. Rambling says:

    You know, nowadays when I hear Southern Cross I can\’t help but associate it with my son\’s fortunate experience with having gone to New Zealand last year and Neil, the photographer of the family, being absolutely dazzled with his first ( and likely only) experience viewing the Southern Cross. We are all amateur "astronomers" here anyway and as with you there in the North, New Zealand is blessed with virtually no "real" light pollution and Neil said the Cross was startling in it\’s size to the eye and clear brilliancy. He took pictures by lying on the ground (it was their Winter) and to this minute will still marvel at the beauty of the New Zealand sky. I imagine you have the same clarity.

  11. PEP says:

    That wind sounds vicious.

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