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The Mew Gulls always arive here in flocks, and they are prompt every time. Here is a few early observations…   We were tricked! The swans told us it would be summer up here!     There is plenty of open water … Continue reading

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Isn’t She Lovely?

Dall Sheep Ewe in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska, They live completely without shelter in this brutal land, still they thrive in a gentle and peaceful way. They don’t complain, they don’t know how, they never will. Tell me how … Continue reading

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Eagle Eyes

From last week along the Kenai River. There were many Bald Eagles, some Red Tailed Hawks and we even saw a Great Blue Heron. The Eagles are hungry and waiting for the first run of Salmon, still weeks off. I got a moment … Continue reading

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Golden Moment

Trumpeter Swan in evening light.

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6 Suns

A setting sun, accompanied by a halo and sundogs, glowing through a spring storm moving across the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, is reflected in the Kenai River near Cooper Landing. This 2 frame panorama stacks 2 landscape frames vertically to capture … Continue reading

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Emerald Eyes

Bonnie was particularly patient that night, offering up many alluring poses.This is with the Pentax AF-540GGZ flash on the hot shoe, flash bounced off ceiling. An old song, one of my favorite from my early days in Alaska Emerald Eyes … Continue reading

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Just Sitting on a Park Bench

Waiting for a sundown photo op, Glenn Alps, Chugach Mountains Alaska.Self portrait via Pentax K7 on timer setting  on tripod, 20D with 500mm zoom in hand.No adjustments. And the result: A 2 frame panorama at 500mm of the last glimpse … Continue reading

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