Turnagain Arm Summer

Just a few weeks ago the Eagles, Coyotes and other indigenous scavengers were starving,
now the shores of Turnagain Arm  are strewn with the first run of fish.
Hooligan, a fish about 6 to 8 inches long are a subsistence staple to local natives.
Nothing is wasted in nature, suddenly this is a land of plenty. Such is the circle of life.

KSP_5018 a Circle of Life

When the savage winds lay down and the ice is only on distant glaciers Turnagain Arm is like a bit of heaven.

This is a 2 frame panorama from the other evening.

Pan 24-25 875 Balance

Turnagain Arm was named by William Bligh of HMS Bounty fame. Bligh served as Captain James Cook’s Sailing Master on his 3rd and final voyage, with the aim to discover the Northwest Passage.

Upon reaching the head of Cook Inlet, Bligh was of the opinion that both Knik Arm and Turnagain Arm were the mouths of rivers and not the opening to the Northwest Passage. Under Cook’s orders Bligh organized a party to travel up Knik Arm, which quickly returned to report Knik Arm indeed led only to a river.

Afterwards a second party was dispatched up Turnagain Arm and it too returned to report only a river lay ahead. As a result of this frustration the second body of water was given the disingenuous name Turn Again. Early maps label Turnagain Arm as the Turnagain River.

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8 Responses to Turnagain Arm Summer

  1. john says:

    the land of eternal snow and a brief melttruly learn the struggle for surival therethanks

  2. ELZA Y says:

    Your injury is on your left leg above the knee, in the thigh, I know…

  3. Kuskulana says:

    Dead wrong as usual ElzaYou come here and spread your poison once againYou are not welcome on my space ever, I have respectfully said that to you many many times but now enough is enough. So I say it publicly now rather than just delete your comments here and on Facebook. And if you return to prey on me in your predatory, passive aggressive and needy way I have a legitimate and documented complaint. I am prepared to shut down my space and pay an attorney to sue you for various counts. I am saddened by our incessant attacks. I now beg you to leave me alone. What more can I say?I wish you the best but not at my expense, get a life, please!Enough is enough already

  4. Sue says:

    Love the pic\’s, but am sorry to hear your having trouble that you didn\’t ask for and that you dont needhope it stop for you soonTake careSue

  5. Babblelot says:

    Beautiful photo and great interesting information .The lady I think IS the pain she\’s describing only higher up.

  6. CAROL says:

    Love these shots…taking time today to visit with those who I have sorely been missing. Thanks for your comments and visits to mefor all these years!! The land you live in is so gorgeous.. proud to know it is Our County that is so lovely!! TAKE CARE : )

  7. R U Serious says:

    Beautiful photos of the most beautiful State of Alaska. Sorry to read about your problems with a certain commentor. If you dodecide to close this space, please let the rest of us know where your are.Take care, Bob

  8. Fizz says:

    That\’s the kind of history I like… the snifty little stories that make it more than just dusty old facts…

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