Ready To Roll

Bike is ready for the next 2 days and the 150 miles we will ride together.
It has enough bag capacity to carry the essentials on my check list, tire irons, patch kit, air pump, rain jacket, water bottle, camera, wallet, meds, supps and vits, cell phone, first aid, bike number.
Now I will pack my bag for Saturday Night in Seward to be shuttled by Fed Ex.
And burn off a little more nervous energy before grabbing a few hours sleep and a 3am get up.
I decided to stay here tonight and get up early. It’s just like the old days before a big climb, I love it.
Also thank you all for the encouragement, support and well wishes!

KSP_8710 Ready To Roll

It’s been a busy time for me with work, training and sorting out personal life,

nary time for much photography, but I have seen a few sunsets, here is one from last night,

a 2 frame panorama.

Pan 4-5 875 The Last Sunset

Positive energy going out from me to all of you!

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7 Responses to Ready To Roll

  1. Sue says:

    Good luck with your ride Stevestay safe and we will see you when you get backLove your sunset just beautifulTake careSue

  2. Pat says:

    Beautiful sunset – thanks.I hope you have good weather, good roads, and good fortune.All the best.

  3. Rhapsody says:

    wow you are quite the adventurer aren\’t you…..good luck, be safe and most importantly, have fun!Love the sunset……peace….Have a great weekend

  4. J says:

    Wow! What a sunset Steve. Sending positive pedal power wishes your way!

  5. john says:

    The pedal to the medal, a huffing n a puffing fer ya, keep the pistons a pushin.Sounds like fun besides the challenge, best to ya.

  6. puzzle says:

    wonderful, the sunset – and the bike seems to look vibrating nervously – have a good ride 🙂

  7. Rambling says:

    The Space would not allow me to make a comment on any blog here yesterday, 😦 I hope all is well..that you are making it at a pace that pleases YOU. Good luck,,.waiting to see how you are.

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