Moving Ahead

It has been a long time since I blogged and allot has happened here in blog land.
The demise of spaces was an inconvenience for me, but I am moving along.
This fall has been amazing here in Alaska, one of the nicest I have seen in the 35 years I have been here.
Fall is a time of gathering of the herds, and I have been actively photographing the giant beasts we call moose.
Here is one I call At The Thrown of the Mountain King
KSP_0227 a At the Thrown of the Mountain King

When I started the approach to this big guy I was behind him to camera right.
I would have liked to have had more distance but there were 4 other bulls within 50 yards, and one was active at 15 yards and I didn’t want to press him, so I hugged the little patch of spruce that I had circled. This guy was aware of me long before I popped out in the open and showed no sign of stress. Though everything was calm, it was exciting for me to get into position literally kneeling before him, and I was happy to retreat after a few photos.

Hope you all are well, happy Halloween!

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23 Responses to Moving Ahead

  1. Sarah says:

    Do I get to be first?!? Dibs!! GREAT SHOT STEVE, it does look just like a magnificent throne!! My Don was very impressed as well, we always are. Good to see you here.

  2. welcome to wordpress – from one refugee to another !! Enjoying your pictures ..

  3. jingeorgia says:

    I am amazed and you my friend are crazy or as we in the south sometimes say, “touched”. Touched is prehaps a more PC term for a deficient condition of mental acuity. You think? Son, ain’t ya got one of them major telephoto lenses you could have used from maybe a safer distance? Moving ahead might get a little difficult once you’ve been bullwinkled! Caution: Do not look that up in Urban dictionary. j’s meaning of the term: ran over by a bull moose. Clarification is so necessary in this day and time! Leave nothing to doubt and don’t piss off the mooses. Er, moose as in plural.
    Take it easy Steve,


  4. Tatyana T says:

    yep, you did it (i got here from Facebook link and everything works fine). Love the picture!
    happy halloween your way too!

  5. Great photo… unbeatable Steve….Happy Halloween.

  6. Pat . says:

    Yes, great photo and story.
    Glad you got across here and have returned to “blog land”.

  7. Kevin Dowie says:

    I see you’ve made the move to WP, Steve. I think it looks good, better than the previous WLS version that I recall, cleaner, just my personal opinion. Updating my RSS subscriptions so I can follow your adventures! regards KD.

  8. puzzle says:

    what a wonderful moment this must have been, and nice to know, you “arrived” well here also. 🙂

  9. suemacarthur says:

    Good to see you here Steve
    , love the pic
    take care

  10. Rhonda says:

    Steve, this is one of the most awesome photos I think I have seen from you. The mountain itself and the sliding slope with that awesome moose in the foreground is so powerful. What an honor! So glad to see you here!!!

  11. Ten Mile says:

    Happy to see you made it over.

  12. Ellen - once "" says:

    Hi, Steve!
    Long time no see! So I had to take a look into your profile, and here you are 🙂
    You optimistic, positivistic, GREAT MAN!
    “Fall is a time of gathering of the herds,” you say. And me, the pessimist, I see the upside-down metaphore in your words. What has the Windows Live Team been doing this fall? They have played the role as the WOLF in that herd of yours, Steve. They have been running around spreading the sheep.
    Some of them believed that the WordPress would do the shepherd job and gather us all into one herd again. But no. No no no no no. And I am so sad, because I have lost contact with so many nice and interesting people.
    Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing – may God bless you all!
    Best regards,
    Ellen – Norway

  13. rhapsodyrose says:

    blessings my friend……wow….love the rolling mountains, they almost look as if they are moving.

  14. CAROL says:

    I got here from Facebook too. Glad I have you bookmarked now.. so many bloggers and who knows where they all went.. slowly getting them back I guess. Good luck at WP it is sort of hard to get used to.. I think I like Blogger better but what choice did we have when we just clicked to save them all. Gotta say you are one brave or one less than smart guy to be so close to such a huge animal that really could turn on you at any time. Bravo to you.. the pic is wonderful!! I love it!
    Take care

  15. Carrie says:

    Hi Steve, that moose sure looks like he is giving you the evil eye. Getting awful close. Those guys can be very scary when you are that close. They are sooo big. I just did a blog on Wildflower my cat. Finally let her story out of the bag with lots of photos. Anyway I think you just have to click on my name and it will take you there. I should bet it linked to facebook also. Nice seeing you here.. Hugs Carrie

  16. Thanks for giving me the link, it is difficult to find old friends on this new site! Great pic of the Moose fantastic to be so close to a truly wild animal


  17. kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Steve. Pleased to have found you, I have missed viewing your photographs.
    I had a liver transplant on Oct 15 and am now at home recovering. be well Steve.

  18. He is just georgeous . The wonders of Nature and the beauty captured so well.

    I havent even seen one of this beauty. Just a small one here and there and they run faster than I .

  19. Jana ♥ says:

    Hi Steve!
    Long time not heard. How are you there in Alaska? David and I miss Alaska a lot! I know I haven’t been posting that much lately either.
    Beautiful photo as always of my favorite animal.
    Take care Steve!!!!

  20. aliceglz13 says:

    Hi Steve, so you moved too:) Nice photo as always! The big guy seems quite fit in the surroundings, very cute eyes!

  21. wakan9 says:

    Finally had the time to find you here! been busy w/ the drama of an alcoholic now ex bf – deleted & blocked – hope all is well w/ you – please let me know – peace, Cat

  22. wakan9 says:

    been awhile since I blogged too – I miss Spaces – – been making do w/ Facebook – miss talking to you – hope you check in and find this – will have to be moving soon and doubtful I can keep the same phone number – if you still have it please call – Cat

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