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Peaceful Sanctuary

This is a test to see if my Flickr video clips can work on spaces. This was a scene after some kayaking I did recently, and was named by me after getting back on terra firma and sitting there messmerized … Continue reading

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Fall Colours

Fall can be, hell usually is, fleeting here in Alaska. Sometimes the colors (colours) are frozen right on the trees (and in my mind) by the white of winter much too soon. This fall has been very pleasing indeed, so far … Continue reading

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Prelude…   The music first this time, I hope you can listen to it while you view the rest.   Click here>>> Prelude   Prelude: To a new day for someone else. That’s one way I view sunsets. Here are … Continue reading

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Happy Equinox

The time of the Equal Night (from Latin), when the earth spins on its axis upright to the sun. When the day (and night) here at north lattitude 60 is equal to south lattitude 60. Of course at our counterpart in … Continue reading

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After a quiet summer Mount Redoubt is still venting low levels of steam. I caught this 3 frame panorama with my telephoto the other evening while out and about.   I call the photo Streaming

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High Tide…Coastal Grasslands

A shot tonight from the same place as my last blog. This illustrates the extreme tides here (about 30 feet vertical between extreme low tide and high tide). Geeze I could put my kayak in right along the roadside!

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Coastal Grassland Sundog

This is the intertidal saltwater grassland of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge. I caught my first Sundog of the season here the other night (false sun over on the right). I wanted the photo to show not just the sundog, … Continue reading

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