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Four Horsemen

Good things come in multiples, right? Well the photo ops today did.   The Bible has reference to the four horsemen. In the Apocalyptic writing, they are; Conquest, War, Famine, Death. Now I am certainly no theologian, God knows that, … Continue reading

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There was a partial clearing that brought a few sunbeams down this afternoon, and slowly I gathered my gear together. I have been watching the northern lights forecasts and saw they were active this afternoon, and with daylight and cloud … Continue reading

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Eve’s Mirage

A Fata Morgan mirage of Mount Redoubt, Christmas Eve, 2009.A two frame panorama, taken with K-7 Pentax camera and 1,000mm Pentax mirror lens. With Love From Alaska, the land that time forgot

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Klaatu barada nikto

This photo is from January 7 of this year. There are no adjustments, no touch ups, no cropping This one took me back to a Sci Fi thriller movie I really love, again, from my childhood. The Day The Earth Stood … Continue reading

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A very fond memory of mine around Christmas time is watching the classic movie, Wizard of Oz, always with my sister Cyndy, and always with Oreo cookies dipped in milk ( I like to soak them till they almost sink). … Continue reading

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From April 2008, a night I won’t forget as long as my memory is intact. A night of 35 below and a most amazing northern lights experience. It took me this long to come to terms with these photos, the … Continue reading

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Chance Meetings…

Bald Eagle and Coyote, just after a meeting. Wonder what was discussed between them?      

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